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Welcome to " The Shrine" of written erotica

Fantasy Island - Day 1. (Darrens version)...


I arrived at the house and collected my belongings from the car. I noticed that Katrina's car was not there yet so made my way into the house and dropped my suitcases on the floor beside the telephone table and had a quick look around.

I had been waiting for so long to meet her that I was full of excitement and could not believe that we were actually going to spend 3 whole days together. We had met on the Internet several months ago and in a short time I have grown to love her in a way that I never thought was not possible again. Not a love that was born out of lust or like a good friend would be after many years, but a burning love that kept her in my thoughts every minute of each day (and in my dreams at night). For some reason this young lady had invaded my heart and soul and yes she was very pretty, yes she was intelligent, yes she was sexy… but these things were second most in my mind behind the fact that we seemed to KNOW each other. I could feel her pain when she was down, and feel her happiness when things were going right for her.

I heard the front door close, looked at my watch (9:00am) and rushed from the kitchen to see my golden princess standing there by the table in the hall.

My heart was pounding in my ears, my eye's began to moisten and without even thinking about my actions I found myself running towards her and saying "Katrina, oh my Katrina…"

She hardly had time to drop her cases before she was scooped up in my arms and our lips met for the first time. This is what I had been waiting for so long. To feel Katrina against me, to feel her heart beating next to mine, to feel her soft lips on mine and to breath in her scent. I held her for what seemed like ages just kissing and cuddling her against me, but eventually I slowly lowered her feet back to the floor and took her head in my hands.

My fingers brushed away the hair off of her face and my moist eyes looked down into hers and I smiled. "Oh Katrina my darling, I've waited so long for this moment." I said swallowing a lump that wouldn't go away in my throat. I lowered my lips slowly to hers and said "I love you sweetheart, Thankyou for coming to see me".

"Come on, lets have a look round babe." I said, and we left the cases in the hall and went hand in hand off to explore.

There was a large sitting room off of the hallway that ran the whole length of one side of the house. It had soft leather chairs and a 3-seater settee. A soft pile carpet was on the floor and there was an entertainment centre in the corner with TV, DVD, CD and surround sound speakers.

A smaller room on the other side of the hallway contained a dining table and chairs with a hatchway through to the kitchen. In the kitchen the fridge and freezer was stocked for with all sorts of foods and drinks. The last little room was a downstairs WC.

We went up the staircase to a landing and found that there was a small bedroom, a huge bathroom suite with all the usual things except that there was a shower unit and a large corner bath/Jacuzzi.

I looked at Katrina, winked and said "We'll try that out later honey" and I put my arm round her and smiled.

We strode across the landing and opened the door to the master bedroom and gazed inside. The biggest bed I had ever seen dominated the room, and was adorned with satin sheets and covers. A dressing table to one side and a door to an en-suite shower room on the other.

I gazed into Katrina's eyes and I gently picked her up and carried her over to the bed. "Let's unpack later darling," I said, and I lowered her slowly onto the soft covers so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling over the side. I kicked off his trainers, pulled my socks off and threw them in the general direction the trainers went. Pulled my T-shirt and shorts off and dropped them to the floor beside me.

Looking deeply into Katrina's eye's I knelt down on the carpet between her legs and leaned forward so that my head was buried in her neck and my arms enclosed around her. I softly kissed her neck, and without going into detail here, we spent the next 2 hours just making love and holding each other in our arms. We closed our eye's relishing in the feel of our warm flesh pressed against us, and just cuddled tightly wishing the moment would never end.


I looked down at Katrina and smiled a warm glow as I watched her snuggled into my chest. I traced the outline of her face with the backs of my fingers as she opened her eye's to look up at me. My thumb gently stroked her temple and I leaned down to kiss her tenderly on the lips.

"Let's get cleaned up honey, and then get unpacked before lunch shall we?" I said and got off the bed. I reached out took hold of her hand, kissed it and led her to the shower where I set the water to a nice warm invigorating setting and drew her inside with me. We spent sometime washing each other's bodies, caressing and stroking until we eventually made mad passionate love again. Once cleaned up, we stepped out and I grabbed a couple of towels. I opened one up and placed it around Katrina's shoulders and started to dry her off.

I dried myself and suggested that while she finishes drying, I'd go and fetch the cases up to the bedroom. I brought the cases up and laid them on the bed, opened them, put on a new pair of shorts and packed the rest of my clothes away. Katrina came out of the shower room and we fell into each other's arms for a passionate embrace. I looked at her and said that while she packs her things away I'd go and start to prepare some lunch. It was a warm day so she said that perhaps a salad would be nice and I agreed, so after one last kiss I disappeared downstairs.


I was at the sink washing some of the salad when Katrina came into the room dressed only in one of my shirts. She walked up behind me and her arms came around my waist as she cuddled into my bare back. She kissed me on my shoulder and laid her head in between my shoulder blades and whispered "Hi".

I grasped her hands in mine, pulled them around me and said, "Hello my darling, how does a ham salad sound?" Between us we finished preparing the meal and I passed the food and drink through the hatch to her before walking round to join her.

We took our time over lunch, often stopping to talk or kiss. At one point I looked over to her and reached out to grasp her hand in mine.

"Katrina, you know that if I had no commitments I would be right beside you always and forever don't you?" I said. "But as things stand we have no choice but to keep our loved one's happy and maybe steal the odd precious moment for ourselves." I brought my other hand over and caressed the back of her hand as I leaned across to peck her on the cheek. "But whether you are a thousand miles away, or right here with me… just remember that I'm here for you and will always be there when you need help or just a cuddle." Katrina got up, sat on my lap and cuddles my head into her shoulder while I throw my arms round her and sighs with pleasure.


I walk through to the kitchen and Katrina passes the dirty dishes through to me. I put everything in the dishwasher and join her in the living room. "What would you like to do this afternoon honey?" I say.

"Well, we both had an early start this morning. Why don't we put on a DVD and curl up on the couch darling?" She said.

"Good idea honey, go and pick one and join me on the couch." I said.

I go over to the couch and grab a couple of cushions. I lie down and watch Katrina put in a film and turn to walk towards me. I hold my arms open and Katrina lies down with her back to me and she hits the play button on the remote. We lay there snuggled close to each other and watch the film.


The film finished but neither of us saw the ending. We were both tired from our journeys and with the feeling of warmth and contentment of being together; we both simply fell asleep for a few hours.

I was the first to waken and I looked at this lady purring softly in front of me. I smile as I watch her breathing and I nestle into her neck and nibble her ear. She starts to stir and jumps slightly when she opens her eye's to see the unfamiliar surroundings.

"Hey darling… don't worry." I whisper in her ear. "I'm right here behind you." And I pull her hand up to my lips and kiss her fingers.

Katrina turns over and smiles as she puts her hands on my face and draws me to her to kiss me passionately. My arms encircle her and we embrace and kiss.

Katrina gets that glint in her eye and smiles. "When are we going to christen that Jacuzzi?" She says and winks at me.

"No time like the present babe." I say and she kisses my nose and runs off giggling still dressed only in my shirt. I chase her upstairs and enjoy the view of her as she runs in front of me and I see her pert bum and crotch wiggling with each step (I decide not to catch her up… well, not until we are both on the landing!).

We enter the bathroom and I run the water, put in some bubble bath and when the water is high enough I switch on the pump to get the bubbles going.

I hold her hand as she steps into the Jacuzzi and I follow her inside. Katrina sits at one end and I sit facing her, lean my head back and close my eyes allowing the bubbles to caress my skin.

After a few minutes I feel a foot creeping up my thigh and I hear a muffled giggle from the other side. I lift my head slightly and open just one eye to see Katrina grinning at me. Her foot creeps higher and higher until her toes are running up and down the length of my cock. I smile as my foot reaches out and seeks out her leg, and then slowly caresses the inside of her thigh until it reaches the soft pink lips of her pussy. We play for a little while and eventually Katrina dives on top of me impale her pussy down on my throbbing cock.

We make love and play with the bubbles for what seems like hours until eventually we decide that it's time for dinner.


We decide that a Spaghetti sounds good and set about making it. I get the minced meat out and start to cook it while Katrina adds the other ingredients and gets the pan warmed up for the spaghetti. We open a bottle of wine and have a drink while we wait for the food to cook. When the food is nearly ready I set up the table in the dining room while Katrina puts the food out. I close and lock the hatch so that she can't see what I'm doing and walk around to help her carry the food.

She walks into the room to see the table laid with silver cutlery, the light of the candles flickering on the walls and a silver ice bucket containing a bottle of chilled champagne.

We sit down and I pour 2 glasses of champagne out and hand one to her. "To us my darling." I say and we chink the glasses together.

We sit and talk over dinner about our hopes and fears. She confirmed something that I think I knew all along, in as much that she kept me waiting for so long because she knows that she more vulnerable to her emotions when she is face to face with someone. Hence, when she was torn between her boyfriend and I, she knew that if she saw me in the flesh that it would make her decision far too difficult. But now that she has made her discussion to stay with him, and my leaving my family is not an issue, she felt that she could finally allow us to meet and embrace.

I told her that one of my fears was that we would never meet, and that I would never get a chance to feel her breath on my face, or feel her heart beating next to mine. I said that I knew the chances of a 3-day meeting ever again would be remote, but even the occasional brief hour or so a few times a year would be enough to quench my urge to hold and kiss her.

I told her of my fears that someday soon another guy would come along either from the chat room, or possibly from the Literotica forum where she writes stories with other people. That a guy would woo her (I thought whilst I was away on holiday recently) and I would have the same thing done to me that I did to another guy recently. Not that I deliberately manipulated the situation to have that effect, but after speaking to Katrina for a short time (even before I'd seen how beautiful she was) I knew that she was going to be very special to me and my heart opened to her. It was later on that we knew it was not just a passing flirtation and that we were somehow 2 separate parts of the same person, from then on my heart and soul was lost to me.

I told her of my hopes that we would continue to be 'underground' lovers for all time, and that we would remain special to each other even in times of great stress.

We finished the dinner and decided to leave the dishes until the next day. I hit the remote that I had secreted by my chair and as we walked into the living room, the CD started to play an album of love songs. I placed the ice bucket down on the table and walked over to her. My hand reached out, clasped her fingers and led her to the centre of the room and I pulled her close to me as we smooched slowly in the light of the fire.

We danced for ages just holding each other until eventually the champagne started to take its toll and the couch looked far to inviting to resist. We curled up together and closed our eye's to let the sound wash over us.


I open my eyes and see that Katrina is asleep next to me. I tenderly kissed her nose and ever so gently picked her up in my arms. I carefully carry her up stairs so not to wake her and lay her down on the bed. I remove her dress and after stripping to my boxers I climb in beside her.

She is facing me as I snuggle into her and rest my head on her breast. I look up and gently kiss her neck and say "Goodnight darling" before cuddling her into me and close my eye's to sleep.

This has been such a perfect day, I could not wish for anything more.

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