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Fantasy Island - Day 2. (Katrina's version)...


I open my eyes and see Darren lying next to me.  After gathering a few thoughts on my location, I remain with my head on my pillow and smile at him before he gently kisses me on the tip of my nose.  “Morning babe.”  he says to me and we instantly hug each other close.  Within minutes we both begin to  make passionate love.


Darren wakes me again.  This time he brings a tray with grilled bacon, a scrambled egg and toast.  Because there was only fresh orange juice in the house he realised that was the best substitute for my half grapefruit breakfast diet.  He made the coffee stronger too because it was instant from a jar.  “Aren’t you eating anything?” I ask.  He tells me he already had breakfast earlier and this was my special treat.  But secretly I kept my thoughts to myself and appreciated his efforts.  Breakfast in bed is so old fashioned.


I got attached to wearing his shirt around the place and got out of bed to follow him into the bathroom and gave him a squeeze while he was shaving.  As I sat on the toilet he started laughing and then told me everything about what I did in the early hours of the morning.  I eventually explained myself and my habit of sleepwalking.  Playfully I pull the towel from around his waist and flick his butt hard with it.  He chases me with another towel and because I’m fast and nippy, I loose him and find a place to hide in the kitchen…….. a neat cupboard where I could squeeze into beside the sink and close the door so that I was undetected.  He calls my name out, not thinking about the cupboard, but I remain silent until my giggles give me away.  He carries me up stairs and back to the bathroom.  We kiss passionately under the spray of the warm shower, before soaping ourselves up and then he let me ride his hips to make love once more.


Darren dressed in shorts and shirt while I remained in my bath robe.  The radio played its music and I looked out of the living room window at the rain outside.  He put his arms around my waist and hugged me from behind, kissing my neck and nibbling at my earlobe.  I could smell his sweet aftershave tantalising my nostrils.

“Guess what?” I said.


“I found some old board games in that cupboard over there while I was having a root around.”


“I think so.  Do you play chess?” I asked.

I clear the coffee table from all the things that were on it and Darren laid out the game.  Red and yellow oriental pieces.  “Ay! I wouldn’t mind a set like this myself.” He said, looking at the detail of each piece.  I tap his hand to encourage him to start a game.

I knew he would be good at chess, because most “alpha males” tended to be excellent chess players.  So I concentrated really hard using the strategy I learned as a child to out wit his forward moves.  I played defensive, but then so was he.  We soon got into a stalemate situation having both lost both of our bishops in a kamikaze style set of moves.  “I didn’t think you would be a chess player.” He said.  I smiled and watched him pop in yet another piece of gum.

“Look, if you really need a cigarette then I don’t mind.”  I told him.  He was fighting an urge, I knew it.  He refused for a while but I pressured him by making a startling move.  I was playing the game as I was taught.  Pressure on the board and also on ones opponent.  I was finding his breaking point, distracting his concentration by letting my robe slip open and baring my smooth breasts.  “The winner of this game gets to act out their favourite sexual fantasy.” I tell him.


Darren makes two mistakes earlier in his moves and I pressure his queen.  “You’re damn good Kat.  But I’ll get you.”  He said and I threw him a wicked grin. “Where the hell did you learn to play like this?”  He stands up and tells me he will be back in a few minutes and then seeks out his secret stash of a pack of 10 cigarettes in the kitchen.  I watch him light up and gasp with relief as he takes the first welcoming drag.  “Sorry babe. I had to.”  I start to laugh at him, not minding his habitual needs.  It was cruel not to allow him to smoke maybe just once in that first 28 hours.  Darren gets hungry and we agree to hold our game until later to have lunch.  All I needed was a few turkey salad sandwiches whilst he made himself burgers, chips and two fried eggs.


I checked out the washing machine and decided to try it.  The rain outside started to ease off and we both hugged and looked out as the sun came out at the beautiful rear garden.

“Wish we could go out.” I said.

“Can’t.  Against the rules.”

“Let’s break out.” I suggested jokingly.

"Ahhhh, I know exactly what to break out!” Darren went to the fridge and found yet another bottle of champagne.  “I’m sure they want us to drink all of this expensive bubbly.”  He opened it and the cork flew up and hit one of the panes of glass in the window, cracking it.

He poured out two glasses of bubbly and we clinked our glasses.  I looked at the rest of the bottle and winked at him.  I had other plans for that later. We returned to the game of chess, which I decided I would flunk.  Within three moves I let him trap my king into a hopeless defeat.  I wanted him to choose his fantasy.


Without hesitation, he swept me off in his arms upstairs and prepared the oil. He told me it was a fantasy of his to massage the whole of my body with aromatic oils.

I lay on the bed face down and let him act out his sexual caprice.  First he did my shoulders, working the oils into my skin. I could feel myself drifting into ecstasy. He used his thumbs on the nape of my neck relieving all my tensions and then continued down my spine, my buttocks and my thighs in turn.

“Now something special.” he whispered in my ear.

He touched my buttocks again, this time gently prizing them apart with his fingers.  I could feel him probing my pussy lips and I held my breath as he slipped his digit inside me.  He knew exactly what to do.  He found my clit and with soft easy movements, he aroused me into an orgasm.  He kept me at my peak by using more fingers to open me wide and after a while, returned time and time again to my clit, repeating the same mind blowing climax I screamed and begged for.

When we had finished I fell into a relaxing shallow sleep…..I could feel his hands touching my hair tenderly……rubbing my temple……making me relax even more.


I woke, the flavours of the dinner Darren was preparing woke me up.  It was spicy, but I wasn’t sure what it was.  In a way it reminded me of my Mum’s cooking when the smell used to fill every corner of the house and make you feel like it more every minute before you finally ate.  I reached for the phone by the bedside table, pressed my Mum’s number and gave her an update on my three day course.  Darren walked in and while I was on my stomach stretched out naked on the bed, he started to kiss my thighs making me restrain myself from laughing.

He whispered into my ear softly: “Dinner is served”.


I sent Darren down stairs to lay out his exotic meal while I prepared myself for dinner.  No holding back…….no shower either……I was going to give myself to him…..raw!  Dressed in my sexy underwear and the dress I knew he liked to see me in, all that I applied was my lip gloss.  Then I went down to join him in the dining room.  He was lighting the final candle and turned to look at me.

“Oh yes!” he said.  “That’s really you honey.”

We hate the meal, which was absolutely fantastic.  In fact my fave.  He started to pour out more of the champagne, but I stopped him.

“No.  Save the rest.”  I told him holding the bottle and sending him a grin that seemed to turn him on so much.

I stood up and moved to his side of the table and recognising the jazzy tune playing on the CD, I began to really show him my lap dancing techniques.  Slowly I invited him to strip me, restraining his hands and lips from going further than I wanted at the time.  He was getting so horny, but I was getting horny too.  I think he realised that much when I took his hand and moved his fingers beneath my thong, pressing them into my wetness.  I then put his fingers to his nostrils allowing him to smell my sex and then to his lips to taste me.  He loved it.  It drove him crazy.  That was me…..raw.  The exotic taste of my pussy mixed with the oils that remained from earlier on.  I turned and allowed him to slip off my thong…..he kissed my buttocks tenderly while I danced smoothly to the music.  I reached for the champagne and poured it from my shoulder, letting it dribble down my shoulder blade and along the curves and groove of my spine until it trickled between my buttocks.  I could feel its cool track on my skin.  He spread my buttocks with his hands, letting it go further….like a stream winding its way through a tight valley, over my anus and then mixing with my juices between my pussy lips.

The game continued, I stripped him naked, then lay on the soft carpet, enticing him to me but, still holding him in check.  This time my check…..mate!  I was on a sexual role, tantalising him.  When he went to kiss me on the lips, I pulled away, yielding more to each advance he made until I gave in.  When he kissed my body I would gently restrain him, slowing him down, firing up his passion even more until I gave in.
It was a game of “look but don’t touch” until I fired him up to a state before letting him get what he wanted, but only for a moment.  I lay back and let him watch as I poured the rest of the champagne over my breasts, slowly and seductively looking at him, with rolling “come and get me” eyes.  He was so stiff I noticed his cock throbbing as it pointed out and upwards.  I had made him so horny, so turned on that I doubt he would never forget me ever again.  Etching myself into his mind forever.  That feminine magic was working as it always did and nature intended.  I was practising what I was born to do for the purpose of procreation and enjoying every moment of it, as much as he Darren.


I lay next to Darren on the rug beside the fireplace where we eventually ended up naked.  We had made love several times, making the most of our time together.  We discovered ourselves and left no secrets uncovered regarding both our sexual appetites and needs.  I gently stroked and touched every part of his body, using my finger tips, sending soothing feelings into him and discovered that his face and neck were the most erogenous.  With small gentle swirling motions I watched him fall into a relaxed sleep.  I watched him, trying to picture in my minds eye what he was like when he was around my age.
The CD player was still playing those love themes, continually on repeat mode and my thoughts and relaxed state sent me into a sleep.  My arms across his naked body next to him.

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