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Fantasy Island - Day 3. (Darrens version)... The Parting...


Awoke to find Katrina was snuggled up to me on the rug by the fireplace with my arms around her. I looked down at her and as I stroked the hair off of her eyes and smiled as her nose wrinkled up when I leant down to kiss it. We had both slept naked and I could see that she must have been having a good dream as her nipples were hard and her hips were moving against my legs.

The feeling of her pussy slowly grinding against my leg was having an effect on me to, and I saw my cock lengthen and harden before me. I reached down and gently ran the tips of my fingers over her breasts and watched as she tensed slightly and softly moaned. Very slowly and carefully I moved down her body and run my tongue in small circles around the nipple of her left breast and then her right. I look up and see that each time my tongue touches her, she grimaces slightly and licks her lips.

Katrina rolls over onto her back and as I gently suck a nipple into my mouth, my left hand deftly touches the inside of her right thigh and her legs seemed to open almost instantaneously. I lean up on my right elbow and look down at this beautiful young woman's inner thighs and ever so carefully let the very tip of my hands middle finger touch the outermost of her pussy lips. Another guttural sound escapes from her throat and her hips gyrate and her pussy moistens against my finger.

I remove my finger and bring it up to my lips and taste my Katrina's juices… mmmmmmm…. They taste so nice and I replace it back on her and this time softly circle it around her clit. I look up to see if she is still asleep, but find she is looking down at me and smiling with her arms open ready to engulf me. I crawl slowly over her body until I'm looking deeply into her hazel eyes and say…

"Good morning my darling, having a nice dream?"

Without saying a word her arms wrap around my neck and she draws me close for a passionate kiss. We kiss for many minutes with our tongues exploring each other's mouths while my hands run up and down her back from her shoulders down to her bum.

Katrina feels my erection pressing into her thigh, and while she kisses my neck she reaches down to grasp it in her hand and slowly she massages it.

"Katrina, turn over so that your on your right hand side with your back to me" I ask and she kisses my nose and turns over. I lay down behind her and my right arm reaches around her neck and rests lightly on her left breast. My left hand reaches in between her legs and gently lifts her left leg so that her pussy is exposed to me and I pull her back into me until the tip of my engorged cock is resting at the entrance to her womanhood.

"Oh Darren, plunge it into me… please let me feel it inside me" she says. But instead I reach down between her legs, grasp hold of it and use the tip to slowly run up and down her lips and circle her clit.

"Oh god Kat, you are so lovely… you feel so good," I say as her hips buck slightly to try and get more of me inside her.
My hand grasps her left buttock and I lift gently to open up her pussy wider as I slowly start the long slow plunge into the moistness of her tight pussy. We both let out moans of ecstasy as inch by inch disappears inside her until I'm pressing my hips firmly into the cheeks of her ass to get deeper still.

"I love you my darling" I say and nibble her ear.

For 2 hours we gently have a long slow screw. We both cum several times in various positions until once again we find ourselves in each other's arms and drift off into a light slumber.


Katrina wakes me and says it would be a good idea for us to freshen up and then get as much packed as possible ready for tomorrow morning. I agree that in those last hours tomorrow I don't want to think or do anything except hold her in my arms, and we walk arm in arm upstairs to the bathroom.

After cleaning our teeth, shaving etc we both relax for a few moments in the bath together before washing each other. I take my time soaping her slender body before running my hands all over her to imprint these sensations in my memory. Katrina looks at me quizzically. "Just want to remember it honey, so that when I say to you in cyberspace I'm running my hands over you… I can remember how gorgeous the feeling was".

We both fly into each other's arms and hug tightly until we kiss once more before getting out to dry ourselves. It's a warm day, so I just put a pair of boxers on whilst Katrina puts on a pair of knickers and another one of my shirts. We pack all of our stuff away with the exception of our clothes to home in and the necessary toiletries for the morning.


We are both hungry by now and Katrina suggests that we have a quick bowl of cereal to keep the hunger pangs at bay whilst we make a pizza together? I agree and while she puts the cereal out for us both, I hunt through the larder and the fridge for the ingredients.

An hour later we are sitting down to the biggest pizza I've ever seen. We liked most of the same toppings, but I don't like peppers, so we made it so that one half was mine and one half was Katrina's. Each half was piled high with each of our favourite ingredients and we slowly made our way through it and talking into the early afternoon.


After throwing the dirty plate's etc into the dishwasher, we both retire to the living and sit on the couch. Katrina picks out a DVD and we settle down in each other's arms silently half watching the film and half dreading the approaching hour when we have to part. The film finishes and we watch the TV while we doze… I want to grab an hours sleep for a special reason before tonight… this may be the last ever night that we have together and I want to stay awake toe whole time. I don't want to miss just one second of it even if my baby sleeps.


We wake to find that we are still hugging each other and it's decided that we will have our last dinner. We decide on the meal and set about preparing it so that it can slowly cook while we shower, freshen up and get changed. Again we share the shower and laugh and play… but behind all the nervous laughs there is the sadness in the eyes of us both as we know our time is almost at an end. I've decided this should be the most romantic setting that I can get for our last dinner, so set off to dress in trousers, shirt, tie before hurrying downstairs to set the table.

The dinner table is laid with the finest silverware, candles, flowers, a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and I set the food out. I turn to look as the door opens and I see a vision of loveliness walk through. Katrina has her blue dress on with her black stilettos and stockings. She has her honey red lipstick on and the most wonderful smile I've ever seen.

I walk over to her and grasp her hand… lean down to kiss her fingers and lead her to the table. I pull the chair out for her and she sits down. After leaning over to kiss her shoulder I walk around and sit opposite to pour the champagne. We toast the finest 3 days we have ever spent and eat the dinner while we talk about silly things to mask the sadness in our hearts.

At the end of the meal I clear up and walk into the living room to find Katrina standing there waiting for me with her arms outstretched. I can't hold back any longer and run into her arms and my eyes betray the feelings in my heart. Silently we tenderly kiss as our tears mingle on our pressed together cheeks and I taste the saltiness of our tears as it reaches our lips.


Still nestling into each other's arms I look down into her gorgeous hazel eyes and as the backs of my fingers on my left hand caress her cheek a lump enters my throat.

"Oh Katrina, Katrina my darling. I don't know if I will have the strength or the courage to say this tomorrow morning without breaking down into floods of tears. So I'm going to say it now… if I can" I whisper to her in a quivering voice.

"Thankyou so much for spending these 3 days with me my darling, it means so much to me. It has been the best 3 days of my life so far, and no doubt will be the last time I will ever find true happiness while I'm still alive."

"I don't need to tell you how very much I love you my baby… you make me so happy" and my tears blur my vision until Katrina reaches up to brush them aside. I then notice that her eyes are brimming over and I kiss the tears away.

"These 3 days have been perfect honey but we now have to go back to our own lives and our own loved ones. Just promise me that from now on that we will remain good friends that just from time to time sit down over a coffee so that I can feel your hand in mine." At which point we both break down into uncontrollable sobs and hug.


We retire to the bedroom and slowly peel the clothes off of each other. This is our last night and we will make the most of it.

After several hours of caressing our bodies and making love, I lay down with my Katrina in my arms for the last time and we simply hold each others hand whilst our fingers dance together. Everything is done… no more packing to do…. The cases are already by the front door… we just have to just dress and leave when the door is opened for us at 9:00 am.

We doze but do not sleep, we revel in the feel of our nakedness next to each other and now and again kiss passionately praying the night will never end. All too soon the sun is up and the clock says 8:50am.

Not saying a word we slowly dress in our going home clothes and walk down the stairs gripping each other's hand tightly. I look at the clock in the hallway and it says 8:59. A lump appears in my throat and we both whirl round to clutch hold of the person we love before our bodies and hearts are ripped asunder.

We kiss and say how much we love each other, as the door is unlocked and slowly rolls open.

"Good morning Sir… madam. I hope your stay was pleasant?" All I can do is nod and shake his hand.

I kiss my baby one last before walking arm in arm outside and leading her to her awaiting taxi. Katrina gets in and her luggage is stowed in the boot. The driver starts the car and slowly pulls away towards the gates at the end of the drive.

"I hope all was satisfactory Mr. Field… the lady seems to be very nice."

He notices the water brimming in my eyes and simply hands me my car keys with a smile of understanding. He knows that I have just let go one of the most precious things that I will ever find in my whole life… but also knows that it had to be done for the sake of the other people in our lives.

He leads me to my car where my things have been loaded and suggests I take a moment before driving off to sit at the wheel and compose myself. "We don't want any accidents Sir…. Do we?" he says and gives me his handkerchief before he strolls off into the house.

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