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Her First...

Being nervous is one thing TreTia is used to.  Today was no exception.  Walking into the public Hot Tub facility was making her so nervous, she felt her knees weak and a bit shaky.

Standing in line at the reception window, TreTia thinks back at the directions he gave her.  “Go to the Oasis Hot Tub on Crane Street and tell the reception that your there as the Net guest.”  Looking around at the facility, she notices the oak paneling, and the all the nice plants.   She can hear people laughing and giggling down the narrow path that leans to the private hot tubs.

Taking a deep sigh, TreTia thought for the 100th time, “Oh lord what am I doing?  Meeting a guy I have never seen before at a public Hot Tub place.”  Noticing the line going smaller, she moves up closer to the window.  Keeping one eye on the exit door, wondering if maybe she should just leave.  But the line to register was moving forward and soon she would be committed to this hasty decision.

Gripping her towel and beach bag, She starts to think if this is the right thing to do.  She has been talking to this guy on the Internet for over a year.   He seams so nice and warm to talk to.  He had a quick whit; he could make her laugh so easy.   When he suggested that they meet about 4 months ago, TreTia said NO!

 She was worried about him not liking her when they meet.  Not being a raving beauty and a bit shy in person, She thought she would disillusion him.  But last week he told her he was going to be in her town on business and would like the pleasure of her company.   Making a quick and maybe yet a hasty decision, she told him she would be there.  Boy was she nervous.

Looking around TreTia sees a big long mirror and checks her appearance.  Her brown/blonde hair was up in bun, not wanting her long hair to get chlorine in it.  Her blue blouse, showing off her perky ample breast, was tucked into a black leather mini skirt, showing her long tapered legs, caressed in black silk hose, to perfection.  Turning a bit to the right she noticed that she looked nice.  Being 5’4” was a disadvantage to the tall females she sees a lot.

Moving forward a bit she notices that it is her turn next.  Opening the beach bag she sees that she has everything she needs, bathing suite, lotion, a brush, a soda, incase she gets to warm in the water, and her makeup.  Looking up she sees that it is her turn.

Stepping up to the window she gives her name and tells the gentleman behind the glass that she is here as a guest with NET.

“Yes Miss, you’re all paid for.  The Net party is in room 7.” Pointing down the hall he states,  “It is down there 3rd door on the left.”  Giving her a smile he hands her the book to sign in.

Signing her name to the ledger, TreTia finds that her hand is shaking.  “Is there a place I can change into my suite?” TreTia asks, as she puts her signature on the ledger.  She noticed that it asks for her address as well and shrugs, and she puts it down.

“Well miss we have bathrooms in the Hot tub rooms.  You can change in there.”

Smiling a nervous smile, TreTia nods and walks down the hall.   Standing in front of the room with a big 7 on the door, she takes a huge deep breath and again wonders what she is doing here and knocks.

Chapter 2

Standing back from Knocking on the door, TreTia bites the bottom of her lip in frustration.  Would he like her, would they laugh and talk like they do on the net? Or would he be one of many men she has found that is all wrapped up in looks and a perfect 36 24 36 woman?

So many thoughts and worries going through her head, she hangs her head in thought, and did not hear the door open.  Focusing her eyes on a pair of bare feet, TreTia moves up till she sees strong legs, lean hips, a nice chest, broad shoulders, and when she was done studding that much her eyes feasted on a set of full strong sexy lips.  She watches the lips curve into a smile and she moves her eyes up to see the most fascinating pair of brown eyes she has ever seen.

Shivering a bit from the shock, TreTia forms an O with her lips.  Starring at the man standing there.

“Tre?” the man asked?

Shaking her head yes, TreTia steps back another step.

Laughing, the guy steps back and motions her in. “Well come on in hon. I promise I will not bite…. Well not hard anyway.” Giving her a wink and opening the door farther.  “WOW hon, your more prettier than you described yourself.”

Smiling, TreTia walks in.  She jumps as she hears the door shut and the lock engages   Looking around the private tub, TreTia sees that it is not what she expected.  There was a bar to the left with a mirror on the back and two stools in front of the oak long bar.  To the right she sees a couch that looks like it is covered with vinyl, with a coffee table in front.  Hearing music she looks around but she does not see a stereo.   But right in the middle of the floor there is a huge kidney shaped hot tub that is sunken into the floor.

“WOW!  I never thought that they made these hot tub rooms so, so, homey.  You have no idea how nervous I am.”

Turning around she notices that he is staring at her and roaming his eyes up and down her body.  So intent are his eyes, that she gets a wild chill down her back.  Seeing the lust and wanting in his deep brown eyes, TreTia get a bit more nervous.

Taking her bag and placing it on the couch, he walks over to the bar. “Can I get you anything?” Wanting her to relax and feel comfortable around him, he walks a bit farther than necessary.

Shaking her head, TreTia looks around and spies a door.  Pointing to it she asks,  “Is that where I change into my suite?  I see your already wet and in yours.”

Chucklin, he says “Yes hon go ahead and change if you want.  Is the music ok? Cause if not I can change the CD selection.”

“No I like easy listening stuff.” Smiling and grabbing her bag, TreTia goes to the changing room and changes into her suite.  Biting her lip again in worry, and looking down at the new bathing one piece she bought yesterday.   Slowly she emerges from the room and sees him in the water drinking a soda.

Walking timidly towards the hot tub, with a towel wrapped around her hips to cover her body from his intense stare, TreTia slowly undoes the towel and slides in the water.  She notices that he did not take his eyes off of her the whole way from the room to the hot tub.   As soon as the water is up around her neck she breaths a deep and slow breath, relaxing.

Looking over at him, TreTia sees a sly and sexy smile on his face.  Blushing, she moves a bit more over to the other side of the tub.

Knowing how shy TreTia is, her handsome Net friend decides to go a bit slow.  Wading over to the side of the tub, he sits by her and starts to talk to her about friends on the net, people they knew, funny stories, and some gossip that neither one knew about.  During all this he has put a hand on her leg under the water, rested his arm across her shoulder and has scooted real close to her in the hot tub.

“I am so glad you came… Lets get to know each other more.” Smiling a soft Smile… Trey wonders if this is heaven or hell.

Chapter 3

Standing in front of her, looking into her eyes, he places his hands on either side of her shoulders, resting his hands on the edge of the hot tub.  He leans in real close, when he is just an airs breath away from her lips he whispers,  “Don’t be frighten, but I am going to kiss you.  Something I have wanted to do for almost a year”

Tre feels a deep shudder go through her. Looking deep in his eyes, noticing the lust and the deep passion she has always felt was there between the two of them as they talked on the net and explored the possibilities of different ideas on sex and love and friendships, she swallows, and nods her head.

He moves closer, the warm bubbles lap against the side of the tub, she can hear the music only faintly, her heartbeat has over ridded all that she knows and hears.  His breath smells like sweet candy from the soda he was drinking.  He leans in closer and she can feel her legs open so he can get closer… feel his chest rub faintly across her breast, making them ache with wanting.  She can feel his outer thighs touching the sensitive area of her inter thighs as he moves close to her tightly wound up body.

His tongue darts out and traces her lower lip.  Lathering her bottom lip and continuing on to the top lip. Pulling and tugging her lip into his mouth and sucking on it.  She hears a moan deep in the back of his throat. His warm lips brush against hers, his tongue parting her lips to gain access to the warm moist cavern of sweetness he is seeking.  Tre shudders…. Feeling a ripple of excitement going down her spine and hitting her stomach to lay low and warm in the recesses of her soul.

Reaching up she feels his chest.  So soft and warm beneath her hands, the small hairs on his chest making her fingers itch to explore, to be more daring.  Hearing his moan of approval, Tre moves her hands up and around his shoulder tugging him closer to her. Deepening the kiss, needing her hands all over his body, he dares himself to move closer.  To his delight and surprise, she roams her hands down his sides, across his rib cage and down his taught stomach.  Holding him to her she kisses him back with deep passion.

Feeling her responses has his head spinning and yet he knows he must go slowly with her.  One false move and she will bolt.  Going down on his knees in front of her… still holding on the side of the hot tub behind her. He presses her against the edge of the hot tub.  Feeling his manhood rise and throb, and shifts his hips back and forth against her pelvis.  Hearing her deep moan of approval, he deepens the kiss.  Putting all his wants and desires in this kiss.  A whole year of wanting and passion.

Moving his head to the side he trails kissing from her mouth to her eyes, tracing her face with his lips.  Moving down her jaw, to slowly lick her neck, kiss her shoulders, taking a swim suite strap in his teeth he gently tugs it down her shoulder to her forearm, kissing her shoulder and down a bit to the top of her almost fully exposed breast.

Trailing his lips across her chest… dipping his tongue a bit in her cleavage he moves up to the other shoulder, kissing and licking all over her.  He grabs the swim suite strap in his teeth and pulls that one down to match the other.

Leaning back a bit he looks at his handy work.  He sees the fire in her eyes, knowing she feels just what he feels.  Seeing her passion, her breast moving up and down as if she has run a hundred miles. Smiling at her and looking down her at her sexy swim suite, he notices that she slowly reaches over and slides her strap off one arm and then the other.  Looking at her with wonder and excitement, he watches her eyes never leaving contact with his as she peels the swimsuit down.

With heavy passion filled eyes Tre wonders if he will like what he sees.  Slowly taking the straps off her shoulder was a bold move for her.  But with feelings like this and the passion she sees in his eyes she feels as if she can not deny herself this one… no her FIRST interlude with this man.

He watches her slide the suite down till it is pooled around her waist and floating in the water. Awestruck by the beauty of her breast… the fullness and roundness of the soft globes he sees in front of him…. He thinks just for a sec of touching her.  But remembering he wanted to go slow he keeps his hands where they are…moving his mouth to her shoulder… and then going down to lick a trail over the tops of her breast.

Hearing her moan makes his balls tighten and his suite uncomfortable.  Tre feels his manhood up against her pelvis. Moving closer to him seems impossible and yet she feels like she is able to get closer… wanting to get closer… all thoughts of caution, and what if, fly out her mind as she tells herself that this is one fantasy she is going to fulfill.

Chapter 4

Lifting Tre up in his arms He moves out of the hot tub and places her on one of the bar stools.  Looking down at her he slips the rest of her suite off her. Watching it slide to the floor in a wet pool in front of his feet….  Reaching around her he places the other stool behind her…. Leaning her back, he looks at her body, watching her breast rise and fall with each breath she takes.  Caressing her body with is eyes; Tre feels the blush on her cheek.  Smiling down at her, he leans in close to her neck, nibbling and licking where her pulse races with the excitement he knows she feels.  Trailing a long wet lick down the valley of her breast to her waist, he touching and feels her breast with his hands…. Pinching her nipples, hearing her moan, and stretch with each touch and lick of his tongue.

Feeling him all over her and around her, Tre lays on the two stools… her feet prompt up on the first foot rest, As he stands between her legs, licking and touching her, his hands everywhere on her, enjoying the taste of her with just a hint of chlorine mixed with the smell of her sex.  Tre is getting the idea that maybe she is not as shy as she thought she was.  Giggling at the idea… she hears something  “Plop” to the floor… feeling his cock rub against her thigh she realizes he took his swim trunks off…

Feeling her stiffen at the sound of his wet swim trunks hitting the floor… he looks up into her eyes and sees the concern mixed with passion.  He leans up and slowly kisses her lips…. Telling her with his mouth and tongue that everything is fine and that things will be ok.

Moving down to the soft curls he sees at the juncture of her thighs, he caresses her legs, feeling his way up her ankle to her soft calves…. Caressing behind her knee kissing her inter thigh… slowly going to the soft wet curls he slowly pushes his nose into her, nuzzling her…. Feeling her wiggling her hips, he moves in closer, feeling her heat radiate onto his face and lips.

Inhaling deeply through his nose he smells her sweet scent.  Rocking back on his heels he slowly licks her soft slit feeling her moan and move her hips…. He finds her clit…. Taking it into his mouth he suckles on it.  Spreading her lips apart…. Diving in and getting lost in her sweet nectar.

Tre feels him lightly licking up and down the side of her growing clit...stimulating her. He watches as her clit starts to peek out from its sheath...  he licks around it for a while, pushing it from side to side gently with his tongue, before taking it in between his lips and moving his head from side to side. Moaning and rubbing her breast, Tre arches up.... feeling him master her body.

Licking the top of the sheath covering her clit first, then very lightly up and down the sides.... just faintly grazing it while it swells more.... he teases it's little tip with the tip of his tongue, and then exhale and breathe on it till it's fully extended and hard.  Then teasing it with his lips and tongue, and move his head back and forth, as he starts to suck on it and make it really throb to be rubbed.

Feeling her body respond to this treatment Tre moves her legs to his shoulder... rubbing her chins across his shoulder and reaches down to hold on to his head.  Grinding her wetness into his face, she feels the pressure build... throwing her head back and forth, arching her body off the stools, she explodes into his face...

Lapping at her juices as they cascade down his throat and his chin, he holds her hips as she climaxes and gives him all her sweet taste.   Lightly flicking her clit and feeling her buck at the feeling, he moves up and stands. Touching her as he goes, looking down at her beautiful body.  Spraying his hands across her tummy, not as tight as it was cause he knows she has kids... seeing her scar, knowing that it is the only embarrassment she has every told him about, he bends down to kiss it and moves up her tummy to her breast and then kisses her.... letting her taste herself on his lips.

Tre holds on to his neck like a life line... wraps her legs around his hips.... he holds on to her... as they kiss hard and passionately.... he scoops her up and takes her to the couch... were he lays her down and then covers her with his body.... kissing her... roaming his hands over her.

Slowly Tre feels him enter her.... she arches and wraps her legs around him.... matching his thrust with her hips...throwing her hands up she gives up the feelings she is feeling inside of her...arching her body and accepting him as he fills her, satisfying the urges they have dreamed of for so long.

As he leans down to kiss her breast.... playing with her nipples, twisting one with a finger while licking the other he feels her hips move faster.... matching her rhythm, he moves faster.  Feeling the walls all around his cock, his head hitting her cervix, the warm feeling of her sheath all around him.  Looking down and watching her face show the feelings of passion, he arches and drives one more thrust and feels her letting go, all her juices flow and her walls tightly wrap around his cock as it takes him over the edge.

Falling down on top of her, he snakes a tongue out and licks her sweat-covered breast. Her hands come up and smooth his hair…. looking over to the hot tub in the middle of the room he gets and idea...  he whispers to her softly.

"Tre, have you ever felt the jets on your clit?" looking into her eyes he knew that this is one thing that has been a fantasy of hers.  Watching her face he is in awe of her willingness to try it.

"mmm no I haven't but you know I always wanted to.  Will you show me what to do?" Smiling erotically, Tre rubs her hands on his chest.

Not wanting to leave the warmth of her sweet body… but so enticed by the idea of showing Tre what kind of thrill she will receive with the jets, He slowly pulls out of her…. Leaning down to give her a quick kiss on her cheek.  He gets up and extends his hand to assistant her in getting off the couch.

Walking to the hot tub naked was such an experience in its self that Tre was shocked that she was not as embarrassed by her nakedness as she was when she first showed up.

Stepping into the hot tub with this special man…. A man that fills her imagination and her heart.  Tre decides that this is just the beginning… that if handled right and talked through this won’t be there first time together.

Smiling up at him she noticed he has an evil gleam in her eye.  Yes, the future does look good.

Written by SWF

“For Paul, who has been the best friend any lady could ask for, thank you.”

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