Ice Age Data

The chart that I have prepared to the left, is purely to give you a visual perspective of the temperature variations our planet has gone through in recent millennia. These deviations are absolutely normal, and are mainly due to irregularities in the Earth's orbit around our Sun.

The current concerns of "Global Warming" are of course justified (every time 'MAN' affects the balance  of nature, we hold ourselves open to the consequences). However, let us not lose sight of the fact that we are currently heading up the slope to a hotter 'NATURAL' climate anyway.

So, if history repeats itself, we can expect a gradual warming up by several degree's over the next 8,000 to 9,000 years. This may well cause the poles to recede as glaciers and ice sheets melt, which in turn will raise the level of the sea and low lying area's around the globe will flood.

Then the Earth will gradually cool down, and in 30,000 years we will once again be in the grip of yet another ice age. Glaciers and ice sheets will grow from the poles and march towards the equator, sea levels will drop, and if the ice grows in such a manner as to cause an imbalance - and if current theories of 'Global Crust Displacement' are true - then the world had better brace itself for natural disasters like we've never seen before.

The problem is humans have such a short life span. If we lived for say 100,000 years, we would know that the Earth has more than one seasonal climate change. Not only are there the relatively short 'Planitary' winters and summers due to it's wobble on it's axis, but there is also the longer 'Solar' winters and summers due to the differences in the Earth's orbit.

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