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Farnham Castle.....

Jason met Rosy at Aldershot station and took her back to his place. They cuddled for what seemed hours and then Jason said "Go upstairs and look on the bed, I've got a surprise for you." He said. "Put on the clothes and we are going out."

Rosy walked through he bedroom door upstairs and found her 'going out' clothes laid out waiting for her. There wasn't very much of it so she got to work.

First she put on the crotchless tights and the high heels, she noted that her neatly shaved pussy was wide open to inspection at any time - and she started to get wet at the thought. Then she put on the mauve - satin quarter cup basque that drove her tits upwards and together causing her nipples to poke right out in front of her. Next came the little mauve pleated skirt that hung at least 4" above her knee's, and finally the white 'wrap around' top that fell open every time she bent forwards too much. She looked 'HOT' and she was already beginning to feel 'HOT'.

She went downstairs and noticed that Jason had also changed. Apart from his trainers and work out top, he was wearing a pair of denim shorts with an elasticated waistband - obviously easy to slip down at a moment's notice, especially as she noticed his boxers laying on the couch behind him.

"Just letting it swing freely." Jason said answering her glances at his crotch. "You look absolutely fuckable babe, are you ready to go out?"

"Where are we going?"

"You'll find out." He said smiling, and they got in the car.

"They drove for about 20 minutes and then Jason drove into the car park of Farnham Castle. "Come on." He said picking up camera. "We are going to have a look round."

They joined the queue of a tour party and followed the guide into the first room. There were around 20 people on the tour itself, and Jason told her to always be at the back of the crowd.

"Here we are in the Prince Edward room." The tour guide started his narration. Jason came up behind Rosy and gently rubbed her ass through the very thin material of her skirt. As the guide carried on, Jason lifted the hem of her skirt and reached underneath to feel the skin of her ass and squeeze her cheeks.

"Now if you'll follow me through to the next room…" The guide went on to explain they were going to go into the drawing room next door.

As the tourists disappeared though to the next room, Jason held her back. "Go over there by that painting on the wall and I'll take a photo. Now open your legs a little more and lift the front of your skirt." Flash - the camera had taken the photo and Jason peered around the door where the other tourist's had gone.

"Wait just a second baby, it's nearly clear." After a couple of minutes he beckoned her to follow him and they both stepped into a now empty drawing room. The sound of the guides voice obviously back out in the hallway.

"Okay, now see that divan over there. Go and drape yourself over it - but I want to see that pussy." Jason ordered.

Rosy went up to the divan and sat her ass on the arm of it, allowing one leg to drape down to the floor, and the other foot was up on the seat. Her legs were wide open as Jason crouched a few feet away to take the next shot. The camera flashed again and Jason moved forward in between her legs.

"One more should do in this position, but I think the shot would look better if you glistened a little bit." With that Jason crept forward while Rosy kept a lookout for anybody who may catch them. Jason's tongue gently slid up and down her pussy lips and played with her clit.

"That's better," he said "Now grab one side of your top and pull it down so I can see those little hard nipples".

Rosy was by now dripping wet, and could see that by the size of the bulge in Jason's shorts; he was as horny as hell as well,

Another flash and they were done in the drawing room. They went in to the hallway and found that the rest of the group was in a room just a few yards away. Jason grabbed Rosy and positioned her just outside the door.

"Get ready." He said. Then proceeded to place the camera on a table a few feet away.

"When I press this button, we'll have 10 seconds before the camera takes another shot. Ready?" Rosy nodded as Jason hit the button and went over to her.

"On your knees my pretty and open that cute little mouth." He said. With 3 seconds to go he pulled the front of his shorts down and drove his cock into her waiting mouth. 2, 1 - Flash the shot was taken. Jason kept his cock in her mouth for a few more seconds, wriggling in around inside with his hand and then pulled it out.

"Where to next?" She said. "I'm beginning to like this tour."

"How about we go and see the kitchens?" He said, and after looking at the plan of the castle they strode off towards the other end of the corridor.

Jason opened the door as quietly as he could and they stepped inside what appeared to be small room with several rooms leading off of it. They heard the clatter of pans coming from the far left-hand room and Jason peered around the corner. One of the scullery maids was washing some dishes and another was cleaning some silverware.

"Follow me." Jason whispered and he led her into the room adjacent to the maids. In this room were several tables that were obviously used to prepare food, and a pile of tea towels on some shelves.

"Unwrap your top and take it off." Jason whispered. "Then get on one of the tables and kneel down facing me."

"But what about the maids next-door?" Rosy said.

"Well, if one comes in she'll have a bit of a shock seeing me eating out your pussy - wont she!"

Rosy took off her top and obediently kneeled down on one of the tables. Jason came forward but found that her nipples were just at mouth height.

"I think I'll suck on these first." He said. "Feed me baby."

Rosy grabbed her right breast in her right hand and as his mouth opened she tried to force as much of it inside his mouth as possible. Jason started munching away with his mouth whilst his hands reached around and started fondling her ass cheeks.

"The other one's getting jealous Uncle Jason?" She said, and Jason immediately moved to her left breast and bit down trying to give her nipple a love bite. After a few moments he let go of her breast and his tongue trailed down her belly towards her pussy.

"Ah, getting wet are you, I can see your juices oozing from your cunt and starting to trickle down your thigh." Jason reached up with a couple of fingers. "Can't waste good pussy juice, let's massage a little of it around your pussy lips and along the crack to your ass hole." His fingers smoothed the juices over her cunt and around her ass, each time his middle finger passed over her ass hole he pressed just firmly enough for the tip of it to open her ass the merest fraction and lubricate just inside the rim.

Rosy was squirming against his fingers and as quietly as possible said "Lick my pussy and finger my ass Uncle Jason, pleeese baby. Do it for me, suck me and fuck my ass." Jason bent down a little and started to tongue her clit whilst he drove more and more of his finger deeper into her ass. Rosy started to buck and pant after a few minutes and Jason pulled away.

"Not yet little one." He said. "We've just started."

They both silently crept back out into the corridor and agreed that the bedrooms were next on their list. They went up a grand staircase that took them onto a balcony overlooking the great hall. Rosy looked over the handrail to find that the tour group was just entering the great hall for another historical lesson from the tour guide.

"Don't move." Jason hissed as he bent her over the rail a little more and lifted the back of her skirt to her waist.

"But they are just below us." She whispered nervously.

"I don't care, I want to have some pussy right now. Can you feel my cock straining against my shorts? Can you feel it throbbing? Well don't worry because I'm pulling my shorts down now."

Jason pulled out his member and made circling movements around her ass hole. Then he told her to arch her back so that her pussy was pushing towards him and he thrust it home. She let out a little moan so Jason brought one of his hands up to her mouth and started driving into her hard.

"You like being fucked like a dog don't you. Are you wondering if any body is looking up at you while I grinding my meat into your cunt?" Rosy nodded a little but all the same met his thrusts with her ass cheeks hitting his groin. Jason could feel the juices building up inside him and pulled away.

"We are going to screw in style." Jason said and led her off into one of the master bedrooms.

"Won't the door be locked, Uncle Jason?" Rosy asked as he led her to the bedroom.

"You forget, I've been here many times before... I know which rooms are locked and which are not! Now behave, or I'll have to call your Daddy tonight and tell him you've been a naughty girl he'll punish you when you get back home!" Uncle Jason exclaimed.

Rosy licked her lips and looked down at the floor as she replied..."Yes, Uncle Jason...whatever you say."
Rosy had to admit to herself...her Uncle Jason did have good taste! This bedroom was more lavish than the others she'd been in were. All dark wood engraved furniture with a Cabbage Rose and fern damask pattern embossed on all fixtures, drapes, bedcovers, pillows, table cloths...even the lamp shade was covered in the same luxurious thick quilted looking fabric...
As he removed his shirt he mentioned to Rosy that he had chosen this room because she's so noisy while being fucked and he thought it was the most soundproof.... Then, he walked over and locked the door.... Smiling at her.
"Now..." Uncle Jason says in a very authoritative way - "You remember when I caught you the other day letting that young boy finger your pussy under your skirt behind a book shelf in the public library?"

"Yes, Uncle Jason...please don't tell my Daddy?" Rosy said as she blushed.
"Well, I won't.... But you know you have to do everything Uncle Jason tells you from now on...or I will!  NOW...Take off your little skirt but leave your tights, shoes and little bra on--get on the bed... now lay down on your stomach on the bed.... DO IT, NOW!"
Rosy quickly stripped off her skirt and climbed up on the very tall 4poster bed...noticing it was almost waist high to Uncle Jason's tall frame.
"Now-slide over here till your face is near the side edge of the bed...staying on your tummy." "That's it...good girl."
Rosy licked her lips as she watched her gorgeous Uncle Jason slide his pants down his waist right in front of her...with some difficulty she noticed.... As he got to his bulging hard-on...which popped straight out like a soldier at attention!" She couldn't believe his full 9inch size.
Rosy exclaimed...."My goodness Uncle Jason-you are still so hard...and handsome too!" She watched and squirmed as Jason stroked his hard meat only inches away from her face.... Paying special attention to the head and glands area. As a couple of pre-cum drops oozed out of the tip, she asked if she could suck and lick it...
"In a minute" says Uncle Jason...teasing her-getting closer.... She bites her bottom lip, as she can taste his cock... it's so close... and she reaches underneath and begins fingering her dripping pussy and moaning...
"Please Uncle Jason.... I have to suck your cock.... Now!" she begs loudly. "That's more like it... suck it-and suck it good.... But start out slow"
Rosy moves in at the same time that Jason does and begins licking the tip of his aroused cock...tickling the slit with her tongue.... And all around the head like she's lapping at an ice cream cone with enthusiasm. Grabbing his shaft with her fist in an "O' position she begins stroking him with just the right amount of pressure as she covers the head and glands of his now oozing cock with both lips and begins to suck like she's starving for his cum.
Wetting the head thoroughly she continues stroking as she moans...God-she loves sucking my cock...thinks Uncle Jason...she acts like it's a cherry lollipop! She wets his cock more with the mixture of his pre-cum and her saliva as she begins pumping up and down with firm pressure...swirling her tongue in his sensitive areas each time she passes them.... Going further down on his hard meat each time....

Jason looks down and watches her beautiful blonde head and delicious hot wet mouth and lips as they stroke and suck on his cock.
It's all he can do not to cum; heaven should be as good as this.... And then she cups his balls with her other hand and moans...
Uncle Jason closes his eyes and really starts ''getting into it!" Bending forward... he puts his hands on her asscheeks and begins to really fuck her face! He reaches down between her parted cheeks and can't believe how hot.... Wet and swollen her pussy feels and her sucking grows more intense as he finger-fucks her hot hole and hard clit...she moans even louder-and continues milking his meat with her mouth.
He knows if he doesn't stop soon...he's gonna shoot in her beautiful throat!
He has to decide...will he? Or should he pull out now.... And really give it to her eager and waiting cunt?

Jason gave her one last powerful thrust holding her head tight against his groin, and then pulled his cock out quick.

"Not yet babe, come up to the head of the bed."

Jason fluffed up the satin cushions against the headboard and sat down with his cock pointing up towards the ceiling.

"Walk on up over here, and let me smell that little pussy."

Rosy walked up to the headboard, placed both hands on the rail, and stood over him with a leg either side of his shoulders. Jason leaned forward a little and gently sniffed, licked and sucked on the puffy lips around her abused little cunt. Reaching down with one hand, she separated her lips and pulled up so that her clit was standing out for his attention.

"Play with my fuck button, it wants your mouth to give it a love bite."

Jason placed his mouth over her clit and clamped on hard. While his face kept a good suction on it, his tongue flicked over the top causing Rosy to buck up and down. After what seemed like ages, Jason pulled away and looked up at her.

"Now, sit slowly down on my cock sweetie, it's time for a good fucking."

Rosy lowered herself down until she could feel the engorged head of Jason's cock force her pussy apart. She only lowered an inch of his cock into her and just gyrated there for a while. Jason knew she was teasing him, so to pay her back he gently started massaging her back gradually working his hands up over her shoulder blades and on to her neck. Without warning he grabbed her shoulders with his big hands holding her like a vice, then thrust his hips upwards slamming his throbbing cock into her and grinding his wet and sodden pubes into her now red and sore pussy lips.

"Oh fuck." Rosy screamed as Jason repeated this manoeuvre several times over. To lessen the punishment she sat down on his lap…

"That's just where I want you to be, now you've played right into my hands."

Jason reached down around and under her ass, feeling her ass and then further under until he could feel the shaft of his cock pulsating inside the slippery walls of her pussy. He slid his fingers around and around her lips until they were dripping with her juices before massaging them around her pink tight asshole.

"Let's see if we can't tighten this pussy up a little huh" Jason pulled her cheeks wide open and thrust his middle finger deep inside her asshole. Rosy moaned as he finger fucked her ass and slapped her cheeks with the other hand.

"Come on baby ride me, yes that's better, clench that pussy round my cock and wank yourself on your Uncle Jason's big cock meat." Every time he thrust his finger up her arse he felt her clench up and he knew she was close to cumming.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum soon, fuck me harder in my arse and my cunt." She panted.

Jason was also close, he kept finger fucking her arse with one hand whilst the other hand went up over her shoulders to her head. Just as she on the verge of her orgasm her grabbed a handful of hair and firmly pulled her head backwards causing her to arch her back and thrust her tits out towards him.

Jason leaned over and took one of her breasts as far into his mouth as possible and munched on it mercilessly. This took Rosy over the top and she was bucking, grinding and slamming down on his cock as each wave swept over her.

Her movements brought Jason to a climax and with each of her orgasms he was pumping hot and sticky cum deep inside her pussy.

They lay there for what seemed ages getting their breath back and cooling down from this steamy session.

Eventually they recovered and got dressed, pausing only to straighten the bed covers before they left the room. Sneaking back down the stairs they found that the tour group were back in the hall heading towards the exit. Arm in arm they tagged onto the end of the group and followed as each one left the building.

Jason gave the tour guide a £1 as he passed him. "Did you enjoy the tour Sir?" The guide said.

"Absolutely wonderful." Said Jason. "But I'm sure I missed quite a lot, so I may see you again for another tour soon."

Both Rosy and Jason smiled and strolled back to the car park.

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