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The Massage...

Carl phoned Anne at lunchtime as pre-arranged earlier that day.

"Are you still okay for this evening baby? He asked.

"Hi Carl, yes all is well. Did you get the oils honey?" Anne asked.

"Yeah, went in it the local herbalist yesterday and picked up a new one just for you." Carl replied. "So see you around 6pm as usual - okay?"

"Okay Carl, bye."

Carl didn't look forward to his monthly sales meetings, he would drive up the night before to the usual hotel on the A6, stay the night, and he was then fresh and ready for the meetings that usually started 08:30.

However, there were some that he did look forward to. Not on every occasion but just from time to time, his sweetheart Anne would be able to get away for at least a couple of hours, and sometimes even stay for the whole night. Tonight was one of those special moments, and Carl had promised her he would put his talents as a massage artist to good work.

Carl arrived first around 5:30pm and unpacked. He laid out the baby oil and the new 'Stress Relieving' herbal oil that he'd bought the day before. It was a new fragrant 'essential oil' that you mixed in with the baby oil to help relax the muscles and give a feeling of well being. He boiled the kettle, put the hot water in the cup, placed the saucer on top of the cup, and then poured a little of the oils into the saucer so that they warmed through.

There was a knock at the door and Carl went to answer it. As soon as he half opened the door, Anne jumped up into his arms and tenderly kissed him.

They hugged and kissed for several minutes before they even thought about actually going inside and closing the door, but eventually they broke their embrace and settled into the room.

"Do you want to have massage first, then go out for food? Or are you hungry now and then massage later? Carl asked her.

"Umm" Anne wickedly smiled at him and then gazed at the bulge in his trousers. "I think massage first is the best idea. Besides, looks like the oil is ready." She said dipping her finger into it and raising it to her nostrils.

"Strawberry…? It smells of strawberries." She exclaimed.

"That's one of the good things about this one, it tastes like strawberries too." Carl grinned.

Anne and Carl slowly peeled each other's clothes off, and Anne laid face down on the bed. Carl brought the saucer of oil over and sat beside her. He dipped a few fingers into the oils and started to caress them gently into the muscles at the top of her shoulders and neck. Slowly his big powerful hands kneaded the tenseness from her, and the warm oils sunk into her soft skin.

"Now the ultimate test," he said and leaned over and let the tip of his tongue run gently around her neck and between her shoulders. "Tastes just right to me, not too much and not too little." Anne closed her eyes and knew that this was going to be one of the best that Carl had ever done.

Carl dripped more of the aromatic oils down her back and outstretched legs, and began to massage all round her back and waist. Then slowly he ran his hands down over the outside of her buttocks and on down to her toes. He sat at the bottom of the bed and worked the oils into her calf's, then holding on to her ankle, he lifted her left leg above the bed about 6" so that he could lower her knee onto his knee's. Now Anne's thigh was exposed to his hands and he slowly worked from her knee up towards the crease where her leg met her crotch.

With each upward stroke his fingertips were getting closer and closer to edges of her pussy. He slowly moved his hand upwards and just brushed gently across the crease and came back down again. A slight moan escaped Anne's lips, so on the next upward stroke Carl allowed his fingertips to temporarily pause as they touched her. Anne slowly moved her hips so that his fingers ran up and down the crease of her crotch and then he pulled away again. Carl repeated this procedure on her right thigh and only teased her pussy with the merest touch until Anne opened her legs wider to expose her now glistening pussy lips.

"Don't worry babe, here comes an even nicer bit." Carl said as he once again moved halfway back up the bed so that he was sitting by her ass.

He dipped a finger into the oils and held it over the top of the crease between her ass cheeks. A few drips fell onto her and slowly slid down the crease, over her asshole and on down to her pussy. He then started to massage her full round pert buttocks using both hands in a circular motion that started at the top, around the outside of her cheeks and then meet in her crevice before sliding back upwards to start all over again.

Anne started to push against his fingers as they slowly repeated their trace up her crack. "Oh god, that's sooooo good." She moaned.

Carl continued to massage her ass for several minutes (he knew she especially loved this part) and with each stroke he gently pressed ever firmer against her pussy and her asshole. Eventually his finger tips were sliding just inside her lips and just barely disappearing inside the rim of her asshole. Until "Time to turn over sweetie" he said and watched her turn over onto her back.

Once again he picked up more of the oil and dripped it onto her stomach and breasts. He worked it into her abdomen and ever upwards until his hands were slowly circling around and around her firm tits and nipples.

"Time for another taste test I think?" He grinned at her and lowered his lips down to her now hard nipples. Anne moaned as his tongue ran rings round each of her nipples and his lips sucked them deep inside his mouth. He was now sitting up by her chest and she could see his throbbing cock was almost turning bright red with all the blood being pumped into it. She ran her hand over her oily chest until her hand glistened, and reached over to grab his hard and pulsating cock. She grasped it firmly and slowly rubbed him from the base of his shaft, upwards and over the sensitive point underneath the tip.

"Oh yes baby, keep stroking me while I finish the last of the oil off." He said.

He dripped the last of the oil into his hands and told her to open her legs wider. He reached down and started to rub the oils into her recently shaven and puffy pussy lips. To make things a little easier, she grabbed the spare pillow next to her and raised her hips to place it under her ass.

"That better?" she said smiling at him.

"Much better darling, just open a bit wider."

She pulled her left foot up so that it was by her ass and let her now angled leg fall open to the side.

"Oh my god, what a beautiful pussy." Carl said and started to rub little circles around her clit with his left-hand fingers, whilst his right hand fingers slid ever further up inside her pussy.

For several minutes they both caressed each other and then Carl decided he needed to taste her juices that were running down the inside of her thighs. He leaned down and licked around and around her lips and clit until she started to moan and buck her hips into his face. At the same time she moved over to her right so that her head was in his lap, and started to lick his cock while her hand now cupped his sack.

They carried on sucking each other until they were both at the edge, and in the final seconds Anne pushed down on the top of Carl's head and ground her pussy against his lips and tongue. Shockwave after shockwave racked through her body as Carl started to pump his hot juices down the back of her throat.

They lay in each other's arms and got their breath back.

"Hungry now?" Carl asked.

"Starving." She said.

So they showered, dressed and ordered the taxi to take them to the Mexican restaurant. "£4.80 please guv." The driver said as they disembarked.

"There's £6 buddy, pick us up in 2 hours would you? Carl asked.

"No problem, where to next time, Back to the hotel?"

"Yep, we have a lot more work to do." Carl smiled at Anne and they went inside.

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