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Teachers Pet.....

Carl took a trembling breath as he looked down at the naked, unconscious young woman on his lap. He had just finished bringing her to a mind-blowing orgasm with his hand. She had fainted right after climaxing, drenching his shorts and covering his cock with her scented juices. He knew she would not be unconscious long and took the opportunity to take a few deep, steadying breaths. His hand stroked her swollen labia, petting her like a small, vulnerable kitten. He fondled her breasts with the other hand, marvelling at their firmness.

His cock strained upward seeking a way out from beneath his shorts. It was still nestled between her legs, wet through the shorts with her secretions. He stroked her body, slowly waking her up from her little sleep.

Anne began to stir, softly moving on his lap, a small smile playing around her full, kiss-bruised and swollen lips. Suddenly she gasped, coming fully awake. She looked up at Carl with wide frightened eyes, confusion mingled with wonder on her face. She pulled her arms up around her breasts to shield them and then tried to cover her sex all at the same time. She pulled her legs up and closed. Closing her eyes tight, a flow of tears began to trickle down her cheek.

Carl brushed the tears away with gentle fingers and stroked her hair. "It's all right Anne. You should never be ashamed of your body". He slipped a hand between her buttocks and dipped a finger into her drenched cunt from behind. She began to straighten her legs and draw away, but Carl held her firmly. Slowly drawing his thick finger in and out of her pussy, rolling and twirling it inside her wet tightness, he whispered, "oh Anne... feel the wetness from your sex? Feel the pulse of your heart, the rush of blood through your veins"? He continued his leisurely finger fucking, adding another finger. "Feel how your cunt muscles contract around my fingers? This is all good and natural. As natural as breathing. Doesn't this feel good, Anne"?

Anne began to relax with the hypnotic, deep voice of Carl. She felt his fingers deep inside her, her muscles pulsing around them all on their own. Carl was her guide, her advisor, and the head teacher of her school. She had always trusted him and trusted him still. She was afraid to open her eyes as his voice washed over her like a warm shower. Afraid that if she did, she would see her shame. But how could it be? If Carl was doing this to her, how could it be wrong. Could it be wrong when it felt so good?

"Open your eyes, Anne. Open your eyes and look at me" Carl commanded.

Anne took a shuddering breath; then she opened both eyes, years of obedience ingrained into her. Carl was looking at her, his eyes searching her face and travelling up and down her naked body. She shivered slightly, not from cold but from exposure. This time she did not try to cover her nudity. He once again began running his long thick finger up and down the entire length of her pussylips-circling lightly around her hardened erect clit. "Mmmmmmm", she moaned.

"You're such a good girl, Anne". He tilted her face up to his and kissed her. His tongue slid readily into her waiting mouth. This aroused him. She was so open to him, not fighting him at all. He kissed her deeply, breathing in her breath, stealing it from her, literally taking her breath away. When she was pliant in his arms once again, he stroked his hand up and down her belly. He circled around her breasts until reaching the peak and pinching her stiff nipples. He nudged his hand between her thighs, insistent to claim the prize that waited there.

Carl felt the lust building again inside himself. His cock jumped and strained, waiting restlessly to be unleashed.

Her silken wetness greeted his warm hand and he began to rub her clitoris. This time with the intention of getting her on the verge of a climax. Rubbing, stroking and pinching her clitoris, Anne was soon writhing on his lap like before. This time, she did not fight the rising heat of desire and gave in willingly. Her full long thighs fell open, her submission causing Carl to swell with lust, pride and power. Taking advantage of her open legs, he pulled and stretched her labia, rubbed and stroked her clitoris, finger-fucked her hot wet cunt.

Manipulating the tender virgin flesh between her innocent thighs, he brought her to the brink of cumming again and again.

Anne moaned and begged with him. Her words and sounds meaningless noises and whimpers but understandable just the same. When she was mindless with need, Carl rose up from the couch with her in his arms. He then placed her on the couch; her head propped against the arm. He quickly spread her legs and knelt down between her thighs. Before she could protest, he had his tongue on her swollen, throbbing clitoris, licking and sucking at it like a baby at his mother's tit. Her protests were bitten back before she could voice them as he inserted one finger, then two, into her tight young pussyhole.

Anne gasped, the teasing orgasm just out of reach as Carl expertly used her. Moaning and half-sobbing, she felt his hot tongue licking her, sending unimaginable waves of pleasure rippling through her body. Her hands found his head and she kneaded his hair like a kitten.

Carl was crazy with lust and finally allowed himself to act on it. Shedding shorts, he exposed his raging hard cock. The head was flaming red, a big mushroom shape. The shaft was thick and heavily veined terminating in heavy, cum-filled balls. It jumped and jerked with a life of its own. Not missing a beat, he continued to lick and suck Anne's clitoris. It was so swollen and red and sensitive that Carl knew this succulent woman child would orgasm soon.

Overcome, Carl said huskily, "Anne, open your eyes". He stood up and let her see his powerful cock, jutting proudly from heavy balls amid curls of thick hair. The terror in her eyes spurred him on. He quickly clamped a hand over her mouth and held her down. "Ah, Anne - do not struggle now. This is still right and good". Warily he took his hand off her mouth and reached down to grasp his cock.

His cock transfixed her. She had never seen one before and his was huge and red and so hard looking. Her breath caught in her throat as she watched him begin to stroke his cock slowly. His big, warm hand on his cock aroused her. She remembered that same hand buried in her wetness, fingering her, stroking her. She was confused and scared but too aroused, too curious to prevent what happened next.

"Anne, grab your knees and pull them up, open yourself to me", Carl said. He stroked his cock, which swelled even larger as she obeyed him. It took everything he had not to moan when he saw her legs lift and spread for him, separating her labia and exposing her throbbing clitoris to his view. This delightful girl was a perfect choice, he thought. Then all thinking left him as he single-mindedly began to rape her.

Anne watched as Carl leaned over, one arm by her side supporting his weight above her. He was between her legs now and she felt the first nudges of his cock against her hot cunt. He was so hot and hard... she felt drunk with the feeling of no control over what he might do to her next!

Carl wanted to ram his cock into her virgin sex, ripping her hymen from her and claiming her for him. But instead he began to rub the head of his cock up and down her slit, letting her get use to the feel. He rubbed the head of his cock in her juices and ran it up and over, back and forth across her clit. He watched through hazy desire as Anne pulled her legs wider. He placed the velvety mushroom head against her clitoris and rubbed her there until he could feel her throbbing, see her bucking hips straining for him. Then, placing a thumb on her clitoris, he placed the tip of his cock right outside her inviting slit.

Anne gasped, realising what would happen, what had to happen. This whole night had been building up to this very moment slowly and she knew that she did not have the power, or desire to stop it. She almost stopped breathing, waiting.

Carl was sweating from the effort to keep from violating her savagely, and slowly eased the head of his cock into her pussy. He watched the head push her labia in and pull them out until the head was all the way inside of her smouldering, silken hole. He felt a rush as his cock bumped against the useless barrier blocking his entry. He began to work her clit with his thumb, the smooth silk of her wet sex, the virginal tightness of her vagina slowly breaking down his composure and patience. He steadily pushed against her hymen, at the same time fingering, rubbing, and pinching her clitoris until she was moaning loudly. All of a sudden she went rigid and then began bucking wildly. He gave a shout of triumph as he rammed his cock all the way into her tight tunnel, sheathing his entire cock in her hot pussy, ripping past her hymen like it was so much cotton candy.

Anne screamed in pain as her hymen ripped, but the crashing of her orgasm dulled the pain almost immediately. She could not stop the convulsive buck of her body or the spasming of her muscles as they sucked and gripped Carl's huge thick cock. Whimpering and moaning, she gripped his arms as he moved within her. Her vagina was sore and violated, but the beginnings of a deeper, scarier feeling began to emerge.

Carl grunted, shoving his cock deep into Anne's tightness, holding it there just savouring her velvet heat surrounding him. Her pussy was almost vicelike, the grip on his cock almost painful. He began to rotate his hips, his cock mirroring his movements deep inside her. Feeling her body tense and her muscle's milking him, he knew that she was approaching another orgasm. Confident, he let loose finally.

With her legs wrapped around him and her fingers digging into his arms, he hunched over her and began to piston into her; the coming release so desperate that he no longer cared about her feelings. He fucked her hard and slow and hard and fast. Pounding and pounding his thick cock into her tight wet pussy. Gripping her hips tightly, leaving bruises he lifted her to meet his thrusts. Ramming her cunt - in and out he finally got to have her-totally and completely...she was now his.

Anne flopped like a rag doll impaled on his cock, but her clitoris was so tender, her vagina so stuffed that she could feel the climax building. It started slowly and then built more and more until she was screaming from the pleasure and need for release. Oh, could this feel sooooo good? He continued his deep thrusts for what seemed at times for hours and then-only seconds.

With a few more savage thrusts Carl let loose and filled Anne with his sperm. His cock thrusting and jerking itself inside her; he could feel the hot sperm pulsing out of his thick cock in thick urgent wads.

Anne felt Carl's cock jerking hard inside her and then felt the hot splash of his sperm. This sent her soaring and she moaned and screamed as her body danced on his cock, climaxing with him.

Carl pulled out of her and rubbed the head of his glistening cock on her labia and clitoris, wiping himself off on her. With the rage of desire satiated for the moment, he was able to concentrate on her again. He pulled himself together and sat down, pulling her onto his lap again. Holding her trembling body, he caressed her face and stroked her hair. He noticed that she was once again crying but let her cry this time. It was appropriate. She had given herself to him. She would be his now. His tongue licked her salty neck, tasting her spent desire. She was soon limp in his arms as she slept. He laid her on the couch and covered her with a blanket.

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