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Hi Robyn,

I hope "Relpies" get to you quicker new than mails do?

Perhaps the story you wrote was 'Tempting Fate'...? I also think that we should not put it on the website (for now at least).

If you feel that we shouldn't now 'Make Love' over the internet... then that's something you must tell me and we will only cuddle. If on the other hand you decide you still want to... but only when you are absolutely sure that you are free to do so (ie. When he is away, or you have plenty of time to do so - and clean up the evidence afterwards), then that's fine by me to. Whatever you decide... we will do - okay?

A thought... when you leave the screen in future... always have a different screen or window that you can put over the top of it. Just in case!

Now little one... I know what you're thinking. This is another good way to put Steve off! BUT not this time honey... we will do nothing whatsoever that you would need to feel guilty about - no sex, just 2 friends holding hands and enjoying each other's company for a few precious hours... nothing more.

So, if you want to stop 'making out' over the net... fine. But one way or another... you and I are going to meet in the next few weeks... we will have a lovely time... we will hold hands and hug... we will have coffee and talk... we may have lunch... we may go for a walk or drive to see a beauty spot... BUT IT WILL BE FUN! We'll laugh and joke, talk over many things and then we will both be happy to go back to our lives.

Hell.... if you want to go shopping somewhere (God we'll even do that...*smiles.

So yes... we will speak later my darling.

All my love


Copy of letter sent 16th Nov 2001

Hello little one,


Couple of things honey,

Firstly the ntl emails are having problems at the moment, and they are hoping to have them sorted out by this evening sometime? So please send any mails to my Yahoo addy for the time being. *** NOTE: This is sorted as of pm 16th ***

I had fortunately set a forwarding service from ntl to Yahoo because I was away this week, and got those pic's via that one instead... very nice shots aren't they... phwooooor... lol

I'm so glad we sorted out that misunderstanding... I had a hell of a couple of days and missed you terribly. And I hope that what I told you from Angelina's mail to me helped you and made things clearer.

Listen sweetheart... after all the hassles this week I simply say to you again that "I need you"... and that I love you. I only have "one" days holiday left out of this years entitlement and I have to advise the office soon when I'm going to take it. I know you said "Soon" to me last night... so please help me to make this the best day I'll have this year. You probably have free days from time to time where you have no classes at Uni, or failing that they will probably break for the winter holidays soon anyway.

Have a look and advise me later. How does this sound...

It's about a 3 hour trip up to you (or somewhere near you)... If we met around 10am ish, a quick cuddle somewhere (not too public because although I'm not going to "Give you 0ne"...*smiles... I'll still want to hug you and kiss you - and onlookers would spoil the moment).

Then after that (when we've both had a chance to settle down) we head off for a coffee and a chat. Maybe then (depending on what you have to do...and how much time you have) I'll take you for a light lunch somewhere nice, or we could simply drive around and you can show me some of the pretty places you have up there?

I know that there would bound to be some tears my darling.... but (trust me) they will be tears of joy rather than tears of sadness. It should be a happy day that we finally after all this time we can hold each other in our arms... knowing that although we have our own lives and families to go back to.... that now the first meeting is out of the way that we can move on and not be afraid anymore. LISTEN... It would be a happy day with no regrets and nothing to feel guilty about... you have my promise.

I almost lost you this week... from your reaction last night I guess we both know how much we mean to each other and it's now time to move forward. This time I'm telling you that this is what I WANT for a change.

If I have one X-mas wish granted to me this year... this would be the best present I'll get.

I must go honey... Gem's is here (she's not very well).

Speak to you later.

All my love my darling