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The Secret Of The Orchid...

Rare Orchid.

 Jill pushed open the door to the study.  The room was huge, infact it was one of the largest rooms in the house, with wall to wall bookshelves just teaming with old and ancient hard backs.  The musty air hit her nostrils which signified that the room itself was left without a regular cleaning for quite some time.
She heard the sound of her grandmother’s voice in the hallway outside calling her name.  Jill became apprehensive of what she might say; finding her in the old study as the old lady guarded everything from prying eyes.  Visitors were rare these days and Jill felt privileged to be there.
“Ahh, there you are.” the old lady said as she was being wheel chaired into the study by her aid.  Jill smiled and looked around her.  “You can leave us now.” the old lady commanded, dismissing the stone faced woman from her faithful duties.  “I wish to talk to my granddaughter in private.”

They both talked about the room and how it served its purpose in the past as a meeting place with both the old lady’s husband and herself.  Famous scientists who would visit them to talk about their work and shared interests.  “That was when your grandfather and I were well known.” the old lady reminisced.  A gentle smile crossed her lips as she reached for an old framed photograph on the large oak table.  A photograph of herself when she was the age of Jill.

Jill stood beside her and noticed the exacting resemblance.  The hairstyle was all that gave a difference.  “I was like you in every way.  Perhaps I was a little more adventurous.”  Jill smiled at her and gave a hug.  The old lady pointed out a scrap book on the table and told her to open it gently.  Jill opened it to where it would.  The pressed remnants of a large flower displayed itself, still in all its multicoloured glory of yellows, pinks and deep red.

“Gran, that is so beautiful.  What kind of flower is it?”  Jill asked.  The old lady wheeled herself up beside the girl.  “Those colours, so rich and so well preserved.”

“The paper is treated with a chemical that keeps it fresh.  Don’t let the air soil it too much or it will fade.  It is the only sample in this part of the world of the most rarest orchid.  Even today, it is so hard to find one.”  the old lady explained.  “I found it in the rainforests of Brazil and I can remember it quite clearly.  Something that I will never forget.”

“Tell me about it?” Jill asked excitedly.  The old lady smiled and thought different about telling her tale.  It was afterall a secret that only she and another knew about.  Jill insisted on knowing the tale, her inquisitive mind needed to know everything there was.  The old lady thought for a while and then came to terms with her age.  She was dying and the secret would die with her.  But then why should it?  It was all in the past now and the way people think today was so different to then.

The two sat together in the garden later that day in the shade of the trees that were plotted here and there.  It was tea on the lawn, and the chance for the old lady to tell her story to Jill.

Marion Moore had been married to her husband just six months.  They were both scientists and their work in search of rare plants took them all over the world, even before they were married.  She learned a great deal from Francis as he was her tutor at university before they teamed up.  He was tall handsome and very much an intellectual as much as she was.  They were very much in love and matched each other perfect.  Marion was shorter than he and so petite, but she had brains as well as beauty and both became well known in their Royal Society circle of colleagues.

The Amazon River, as wide as the sea, took them deeper into the rainforest as they travelled for days on end to reach a certain location on the river barge.  The waters seemed calm, but they were infested by creatures that would do men harm from small waterbound insects to the ferocious caymen. And to be safe the barge passed by the southern bank by only a few metres, so that the location they sought could be easily found.

Marion wanted so much to swim or bathe to clean her body from the sweat caused by the humid climate.  Francis insisted there was no way they could until they found what they were looking for.

Barku and his fellow navigator Tino, comprised of the crew.  Both young men, indians who had lived on the banks of the mighty Amazon all their lives knew the river well.  Barku was the most handsome of the two and Marion knew that he had been watching her closely.

Barku understood the English language well and watched from the stern as Marion argued with her husband over the issue of washing.  She glanced at Barku and smiled and he returned the gesture.  She had been flirting with him since their journey along the river began and Francis, too busy to notice, ignored it.  Their mission was so intense that the couple had not made love since they arrived weeks ago at Belem.  Marion was becoming unsatisfied and not only desperate, but her intentions looked toward the young navigator.

Night fell once more.  The barge was moored up to the bank with only the sound of the rainforest creatures to be heard.  The natural wildness of such a place was something both erry and profound.  Marion was still restless, unable to sleep unless she could wash.

 Marion ordered Barku to fill a pail full of fresh water and bring it to her on deck.  Barku followed her instructions as she stripped herself from the clothes she wore.  He watched as the beautiful english girl took each item of clothing from her body and then she faced him.  He was taken by her splendour as he looked at her in amazement.  His eyes looked upon her long blonde hair which cascaded over her shoulders. The pale skin of her breasts tipped with the most succulent of pink erect nipples made him feel so aroused.  “Barku, pour the water over my head slowly.”  she commanded.  To him it was an heaven sent pleasure from the gods as he watched her lather her skin, so smooth, so wet and glistening in the combined light of the lanterns and moonshine.  She knew how she made him feel and insisted he remain beside her.  Tino brought another fresh pail of cool water to rinse away the soap and then headed back to the cabin after Barku’s stare of disapproval.

 Marion smiled at him, promoting him to pour the second pail over her. The cool water flowed over her body as she swept her hands over her skin to clear the soap.  She looked at him and her eyes said everything about how she felt for him.  No words were spoken and both of them knew that this was going somewhere further somehow.  But not that night.

 The dawn soon came and once more the barge headed up river.  Francis was sure that they were near the village he was looking for as he tried to make sense of the old maps.  Marion, still feeling the worst for their long journey, prepared the meal on deck looked upon by Baku at the helm as they exchanged glances between each other.

 “There!  That’s it!”  Francis called out.  He pointed up the bank to a small indian settlement.  “That is it!  I can tell by that line of trees leading up the hill.  It matches the drawing perfectly.”  They all stood and followed his stare toward the bank and sure enough it did match the only means they had of identifying the location as Marion took the drawing from the chest and compared it with the vista before them.

 Barku moored up the barge as the children of the village greeted them and Tino whispered into his colleague’s ear.  “You looking to have the english woman?”  Barku smiled in return , knowing that he was atleast in with a good chance very soon.

 For a full day Francis and Marion were guests to the people of the village as they exchanged gifts and used Tino to interpret their strange dialect in order to get some exacting location for what they searched for.  The location was a clearing just over the hill where they would find a stream leading into a still pond.  In there was to be found the variety of rare lily they sought.  The only place that it had been discovered and it was their mission to collect samples for the Royal Botanic Gardens.

 That evening Francis fell ill.  He was plagued by the onset of recurring malaria and in no fit condition to make the walk to the clearing the following morning.  He arranged for Marion and Barku to make the journey alone.

 Tino could smell the rain coming in the air and turned to his friend as they lay in their tent.  “The gods are knowing of your intent.  They bring the great rain early in anger.” He said.  Barku, who was wiser and educated ignored the warning with a grin.  “You can not contemplate on doing this.  She belongs to the professor who is now sick.  Barku, think what would happen if you get discovered.”

 “I will do what my heart tells me to do.” Barku replied.  “You have seen the look upon her face.  She chooses me to make her happy.”

 With the daylight came the rains as Tino had sensed.  Marion checked on her husband and placed another dampened cloth onto his forehead leaving Tino to look after him.  It would take days for the fever to pass, should he be strong enough to survive it.  Marion pulled back the tent flap and saw Barku waiting under a tree, sheltering from the downpour.  She had second thoughts about the trip.

 “Tino, how far away is this stream?” she asked.  Tino told her that it would take them half a days walk through the rainforest and across some hills.  The locals had told him that it was mostly dense forest and the trail would be dangerous in the rain, especially on the high ground.  She looked across at Barku as Tino explained to her and he returned her glances.  “I’m leaving.  We should be gone two days at most.”

 “In the rain?” Tino asked.  “It is not good lady”

 “I will be the judge of that.  The rains won’t last.”  Marion kissed her husband and she run a gentle hand across his face.  “I will be back my darling.  Take Care.”

 Barku carried the haversack on his back and led the way, chopping at the vines and clearing a way through the forest.  The rain filtered down through the tree canopy above, which made it more wetter for them.  There was the occasion when Marion would get her boots caught in the vines and fall over.  Barku was there to free her with his trusty machete.

 Soon they reached the hillside and the muddy ridge trail that would lead to the stream.  Marion looked at the condition of the path.  On one side a drop of twenty metres and on the other a steep wall of rock that went up to another forest level.  In parts the path was so thin, that it needed to be negotiated one foot at a time.  The rain alone would make it hard to keep a steady hold.

 Barku looked at her.  Her hat was so wet it lay flat against the top of her head and the jacket and trousers she wore outlined her naked physique.  Barku himself was now becoming nervous.  The path itself was going to be dangerous.  “Lady, I think we should go back.”

 “No way Barku, we go on.”  Marion commanded.  “Any ideas?”  Barku looked at her and then at the way ahead.  Was it worth their lives just to be alone with her?  The twenty-metre drop fell into a lower level of dense forest.  He looked up and saw the pits in the side of the precipitous cliff.  Maybe there was a way of climbing over to the other side?  They had no rope and it would take hours to make one from the strongest vines.  For a river navigator, this was one tough mission into territory that was out of his depth.

 Marion pinned him against a tree and kissed him.  Slowly the kiss turned passionate and she looked deep into his eyes.  “Barku, you have to get me to that stream.  If you do this, then I promise you something you have only dreamed about.”  Once more the young man was fired with ardour to achieve their goal.

 Barku led the way slowly along the ledge. His hands gripped the sharp rock, cutting into the skin and grazing fingers as he held on tight.  The weighted haversack pulled against his balance in the wrong direction.  The rain soaked through his dark hair, sending drops of water into his eyes.  Marion followed, holding onto his belt dangerously.  One slip and they would both fall to their untimely end.  He realised that he was petrified of heights, but remained brave against his own nerves.  She slipped now and then, which made them both recount their situation before moving on further.  She gave him reassuring looks every so often, realising herself that he was under stress.  Marion needed his strength to carry out her mission.

 They spent many hours negotiating the ledge until eventually the rain stopped.  A few metres on and the ledge widened into a path again.  They hugged each other with delight that they had survived the toughest part of the trek so far.  But the return journey however was to repeat their experiences.  She allowed Barku to kiss her passionately once more, this time it was more meaningful to both of them.

 Together they walked along the path until they both heard the sound of the stream ahead.  With quickness in their pace they found the place that they were looking for.

 The stream cascaded in a waterfall into the wide pool.  It was surrounded by a high ridge of rock in a semi-circular shape.  All around the side of the pool itself were hundreds of multi-coloured flowering plants and vines.  The pool was populated by so many different varieties of lily.  To Marion, it was what she expected to find.  But for Barku, it was one of the toughest trips he had ever made in his life.

 Marion pointed out the plants as she excitedly came across them.  The names she used meant nothing to him.  He just looked at her, absorbing her beauty and to him she was the most prettiest flower around as far as he was concerned.  Without hesitation, she removed her clothes and dived into the pool.  He watched on for a while admiring her form in the clear fresh water.

 “Barku, come and join me.” she called to him.  There was no one else around, not even another mammal, for this was just a place reserved by nature for the plants, birds and insects.  They were alone.

 Together they swam naked.  Marion collected the rare lilies she found of interest and Barku carefully packed them into plastic containers.  Then they both swam toward the refreshing waterfall and showered in its crystal cascade.  The sight became too much for him to take.  He could not hold on to his emotions any longer.  The golden hair and fair skinned angel was his for the taking.

 He gently pushed her against the soft grass of the bank and she put her arms around him.  His manhood hard against her thigh felt good to her.  Marion was waiting for this moment to happen.  Barku took her pale breasts in his hands and cupped them.  Her irresistible pink nipples drew his lips upon them and he kissed them gently, swirling his tongue around their pliant texture, enticing them into hardened nubs.  That feeling was what she had craved for such a long time. Sex with Francis was so clinical, so quick.  Atleast with Barku, she could savour the real wild passion that she expected he had untamed within him.

 His hand caressed her skin as it moved down her body, finding the tuft of pubic hair with his fingers he searched for the opening through her lips to her love cavern, welcoming his fingers with the warmth of her juices within.  He knew exactly what to do as he found her clitoris.  She was no different to all the local girls he had made love to.  She had everything he wanted.  But what made it more important to him was, she was the untouchable yellow hair angel from far far away.

 He watched her eyes roll as he gently manipulated her into an orgasmic frenzy.  She cried out in loud whispers for more.  Slowly he slipped his stealth manhood into her, its length penetrating deep inside made her gasp and then he began to probe her, gently at first, moving faster still by each stroke.  Marion was taken to the levels of ecstasy she never knew existed.  For Barku, he was doing what he knew and enjoyed, but this time it was special.  This was his prize for risking both their lives and something for him to remember for the rest of his life to come.

 There was no point in rushing back to the village.  Marion gathered the plastic containers and packed them safely into the haversack.  Together they languished naked by the pool, playing and enjoying their time in such a beautiful isolated part of the world.  Marion turned her head to look up as Barku ran his hands over her smooth skin.  She saw a single orchid growing on its own.  She had seen nothing like it ever before and to her it was unique in its colours and form.  “I have to take this.” she said.  Barku looked up and reached for it and gently snapped its stem, bringing it to her face.  The scent was so exotic and nothing in comparison to anything she had known before.

 Jill looked at her grandmother and smiled.  “Does it have a name, this rare orchid?” she asked.

 “Of course.  I discovered it and today it is still one of the most rarest orchids in the world.  Only found in just one place in the Brazilian rainforest.  It grows nowhere else.”

 “Tell me, what name does it have?”

 “Barku Orchida Amazonas” the old woman replied, repeating it twice over as she smiled.

The End.

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