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Seduction - Part Two.....

Sandra stood and looked at the pink painted wall holding the position Simon had demanded of her. He stood behind her looking at the smoothness of her legs and then began to lift the dress slowly, revealing more and more to his gaze. "Stand absolutely still." he told her. She gave a cough as she felt his hand following the line of her inner thigh until he reached the top of her stockings. Sandra now realised that this was far too slow to be a routine search and knew that Simon had other intentions after all.

Simon pulled her hips towards him as he knelt down. His eyes surveyed the scene before him. Sandra's buttocks were firm and smooth, and the white cotton and delicate lace panties contrasted with the flesh of her skin.

"What are you doing?" she asked, curious of his strange moves. "How extensive a search are you intending to do on me?"

Simon cleared his throat. "I think we need to do a.... a...very thorough strip-search.  Yes."


"Yes it's probably the best."

Sandra turned and leaned against the wall. "You think so?"

"Yes I do. We need to check for hidden drugs and things." Simon felt himself sweating really hard and she could see that he was getting excited. She slowly gazed around the room and then at Simon, smiling at him.

"You promise to let me go when you've done?"

"Yes. No problem." Without hesitation, she slipped off her cashmere jacket and let it fall to the floor behind her.

Simon began not only to sweat beneath his uniform, but also began to react to her moves, turning him on intensely. She reached for the zipper on the right hand side of her dress and from under her arm, slid the zipper slowly down to where it stopped above the hip.

Simon watched, gulping as his eyes followed. She pulled the top of the dress over her naked breasts, and his eyes picked up the luscious pink of her nipples.

"Like I said it was very warm in Cairo." She said looking at him. Pulling the dress further down over her hips, it fell to the floor and gathering around her ankles. Simon's eyes moved upwards, following the line of her legs and then thighs. The white suspender belt holding up her stockings and the white panties was all she was wearing.

"Would you like to step over to the desk please." he demanded. She walked across the room and stood at the desk looking over her shoulder at him. Simon was really getting hot now; his cock was already hard with what he saw up to that moment.

"Bend forward please, madam.  Legs apart..."

"Two feet" she interrupted, leaning forwards on her arms. She smiled at him again and this time the smile sent beckoning messages to him.

"This is very serious you understand."

"Of course."

He stood close behind her and then proceeded to pull her panties over her buttocks. "I must remove these." The panties came down her thighs and he stopped to look between her buttocks. He could see one of the pink lips of her pussy protruding from the dark crease of her crotch.

"Aren't you supposed to use rubber gloves?"

"No. Yes... I mean."

"I won't tell if you don't."

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