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Seduction - Part Three.....

Simon took a moment to survey the scene in front of him. This was going to be fun and he was going to take his time and savour every moment.

"Arch your back" he snapped.

This was better, her ass rotated upwards pushing her crotch towards his face. The light was now able to dance over the curve of her buttocks and light up the shaven lips of her pussy. He moved forward so that he was right between her legs, his gaze started at the silver high heels and travelled upwards along the smooth lines of the white stockings. The sun bronzed skin of her thighs contrasted marvellously with the white of the stocking tops and his cock ached to break free and ravish this little body in every imaginable fashion. As he looked through her open legs, he could see her breasts hanging down and her nipples were beckoning him to lick, suck and bite them. Ever upward his gaze went until his face was within inches of that lickable pussy and neat little asshole.

Simon slowly rubbed his clean- face against the smoothness of the stocking top on her left leg, his right hand reaching through her legs and caressing her left breast. He licked around the inside of the top of her thigh and just momentarily brushed the tip of his tongue over her clit and then back to the crease of her thigh.

"Right, do exactly as I say" he said. Simon moved his body underneath her and arched his neck back so that his mouth was facing up towards her (but about 6" lower than her crotch).

"When I tell you to, lower yourself slowly down onto my tongue and gyrate your hips so that I can taste every part of you."

Simon told her to start and he thrust his tongue out a good 2" upward to meet her.

As she lowered herself, her legs were opening further and further causing her pussy to unfold before his eyes. She let out a soft moan as her clit came into contact with the tip of Simon's tongue, and she moved so that the tip traced a path down one side of her lips and back up the other side. Simon pulled his tongue in and tasted her juices, then as quick as he could he made his tongue dart in and out of his mouth and flick across the now swollen clit.

Sandra was now getting really hot and a few moments of this were more than she could stand. Instinctively she sat down hard on his tongue until her clit was pressed against his lips. With wild abandon she reached down and with both hands grabbed Simon by the back of his head pulling up hard and grinding herself against his face. Her breathing became faster and faster... and then without warning Simon abruptly pulled himself away.

"You're not going to come yet, now it's your turn," he said. "I want to see what you can do for me".

Simon spun her around to face him and pushed down on her shoulders so that her luscious lips were the same height as his now throbbing cock.

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