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Seduction - Part Four.....

Sandra was face to face with Simon’s groin. She could see the tremendous bulge in his pants and knew that he was hard and ready for some action.
“Go on…. You know what I want you to do.” He said.
“Is this part of the search?” she asked, knowing that it of course was all part of the game she had become part of. She looked up and smiled at him, before slowly sliding down his zipper. His face was full of anticipation and wanting. His heart began to race faster and faster. He could not believe that this gorgeous woman was about to make him feel like a real man.

Sandra put her gentle fingers into the fly of his pants, feeling his hard cock inside his shorts.  She found the gap and pulled out his throbbing member.  He was big.  Not thick, but long and just the way she liked them. What Simon did not know was, Sandra was a pro at this kind of thing.  Her occupation as a high-class prostitute paid well. And to her, this was just a freebie to get him off her case.  But she did not mind that. Simon was handsome and she found him sexually attractive.

Sandra gently eased Simon into a nearby chair, holding him in her hand until he was seated comfortably.  Then she began to work on his cock, tantalising him first by running her pink moist tongue around the swollen glands. Simon flinched, feeling her every delicate and gentle touch.  She looked up at him, noting the ecstatic pleasure he was deriving from it.  She knew he would not take long to ejaculate his warm cum as soon as she would start.  Already, Simon was releasing his precum as its salty tang hit her tastebuds.

“Don’t stop!” he demanded, holding his hand firm but gentle on her head.  Sandra began the slide of her mouth along its length, slow to start and then gradually faster to the rhythm of his hips. Simon began to moan, enjoying the sensations she was inducing through his body. His steady climbing orgasm began to rise to its peak and he let out a long drawn out lament at the same time he released wave after wave of warm cum into her accommodating throat.

Sandra was used to it. She had taken a liking to its taste and that strange tingle that it left on her tongue. She took every drop he had to offer as he began to calm.  His cock was no longer hard, but soft and flexible in her fingers.  He looked down at her, silent, but appreciative of what she had done for him.

Simon had no alternative now but to accept that he had made her do this.  But Sandra knew that it was just a game and enjoyed it in equal amounts as he did.

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