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Seduction - Part Five.....

"Thankyou," he said smiling down at her. "That was marvellous."

He pulled her up and guided her over to a small table that obviously doubled as a kind of first aid bed (similar to the kind you would see in any doctor's room).

"Now, I said you'd get your turn didn't I?" Simon turned her around so that she had her back to the corner of the makeshift bed. "Okay, sit on there so that your right leg hangs over the bottom of the bed, and your left leg hangs over the front… that's it, now just ease your bum towards the edge… bit more, perfect."

Sandra leaned back on her elbows and watched Simon kneel down in between her thighs. Her pussy was hanging just over the edge of the corner of the bed and was wet and waiting for the forthcoming onslaught of his tongue.

Simon was also 'cuddling' the edge of the bed in an effort to get closer to his prize. His arms reached up and around the outside of Sandra's legs and gripped her hips. What a beautiful sight he thought to himself as he gazed at the well-trimmed little blonde pussy in front of him. He started to kiss around the inside of her legs and gradually made his way up to moist fragrant object of his obsession.

Sandra lifted her legs and placed each foot on Simon's back so that he could get a better view of her ass and pussy.

"Just lay back sweetheart, relax for a while and just enjoy." Simon licked around the inside of her thighs where her bikini line would be, then licked all the way down and around her ass. His hands came down her tummy and delicately opened up her lips to expose the little 'joy button' that was going to make her come. His tongue delved deep inside her and mixed his saliva with the sweet juices of her pussy. He moved it in and out, then around the outside of her lips, and then he flicked her clit and clamped his mouth firmly down to suck.

"Ohhh god, yes that's nice." Sandra moaned as she squirmed even harder into is face. "Now keep still for a minute and let me do some of the work." She said.

Simon obediently kept his head still while Sandra lifted her hips up off the bed and gyrated around and around on his face. "Poke your tongue out." She ordered. He slid his tongue out a couple of inches while she thrust upwards and impaled herself on it again and again.

"I can't hold on," she cried. "I'm going to come…" Simon reached round and thrust a couple of fingers into her tight hole while she jerked herself off on his lips. "Yes, suck me, suck my clit and finger my cunt."

Sandra sat back down panting a little, but Simon noticed that she was still moving against the fingers that he still had inside her.

"So, still horny are you?" he said. "Well, while you've been having fun on my face, I've been recharging my batteries."

Simon stood back up and grinned as Sandra looked at his now almost fully erect cock.

"Want the real thing this time?" He asked.

"Yes, plunge that big cock meat into me Simon and fuck me hard."

As the initial lust had been satisfied for both of them, their lovemaking went on for some time; Simon ground himself around inside her and kept thrusting into her now very wet pussy.

Eventually exhausted and spent they both lay on the bed to catch their breath…

"Is it my turn now?" Sandra caught her breath and jumped as she heard a stern female voice break the silence.

What Sandra didn't realise is that for the last five minutes they had been watched from the other side of the room. There were actually two doors into the room and during the heat of their fucking she hadn't heard the other door being unlocked and then closed again.

"You're just in time actually." Simon said without flinching or even looking the bit worried that they had been caught. "This is the part you like best anyway."

Sandra looked over her shoulder to see a woman dressed in the same security uniform as Simon had on. She was close to 6' tall, red hair tied back under her peak cap, and although she had a very small waist she had marvellous breasts.

"Have you filled her up for me my horny little stud?" Her voice faltering a little. "You know I just love pussy juices mixed in with you're cum, don't you?"

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