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Seduction - Part Six.....

Laura looked at Sandra who was stunned by the intrusion. Removing her peak cap, she sat on the bed beside Sandra and handed it to a subservient Simon. “Take this, go hang it up somewhere.” She ordered. Simon did has he was told, still naked from the waist down and limp. “Now come here.”

Simon obeyed and stood beside the dominant Laura as she looked up at him and played with his cock in her hands. “Mmmmm, you have been busy I see.”  She ran her fingers through the surplus cum and then put them to her mouth, savouring them with her tongue. “Tastes good.”

Sandra watched on as Laura stood up and peeled every item of clothing from her body sensuously, turning Simon on to another standing ovation. “Ohhh yes, that’s what I like to see.” She said. “My horny little stud jumping to attention whenever I need him to.” Laura flicked a finger across his cock and he gave a recoil in reaction. “Let's show our guest how I like to please you shall we?”

Laura asked Sandra to kindly remove herself from the bed and guided her to a chair. Then she took Simon by the hand and finished removing his clothing until he was naked. “You know what to do.” She said, lying on the bed.

Simon obligingly strode over her to her and she played with his balls teasingly before taking his cock into her mouth. Sandra continued to watch, finding the whole thing very erotic as Laura bobbed her head up and down Simon's cock, squeezing them in her fingers gently.

His eyes fixed their gaze on Sandra as she began to masturbate herself.  Watching her play wildly on her clit and legs wide apart across the seat of the chair. With Laura blowing him increasingly more and the sight before his eyes made him reach his orgasm quickly as he unloaded his third encumber into her mouth. Sandra at the same time began to scream out, sending two squirts of her juice onto the floor simultaneously.  It was a triumph of triple orgasm for all three as Laura came silently, swallowing Simon’s warm and now thin charge.

Laura told demanded Simon to step to one side while she sat on the bed.  “Alright, that was good. Sandra, its your turn.” Laura gave instructions for

Sandra to kneel at Simon’s feet and while he was still semi-erect, to taste his cock, bringing it slowly back to life once more.

Laura needed to be satisfied now that Simon was back in full glory.  She ordered Sandra to sit on the top edge of the bed with her legs apart whilst Laura lay on her stomach, licking and sucking on Sandra’s wet pussy lips.  Simon did not hesitate and knew what he had to do next, as he slipped his cock into Laura’s hot tight pussy from behind.

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