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Seduction - Part Seven.....

Sandra was in heaven. Here she was in an airport, Laura was eating her pussy, and Simon was fucking Laura doggy style. Every time Simon thrust deep into Laura's pussy, the action forced Laura's mouth hard on Sandra's clit causing her to involuntarily buck her hips towards her mouth.

"Go on Simon, fuck her hard and pound away in her little pussy." Sandra said as she pinched and twisted her nipples.

"Don't worry babe, I'm gonna give her a shafting she wont forget for a long, long time." Simon smiled as he grabbed Laura's hips and drove his meat home even harder than before.

Laura started moaning and even thrust backwards into Simon's groin in an attempt to get even more of his cock deeper inside her. At the same time her left hand reached underneath her and started teasing her swollen clit, her fingers dripping wet from the juices running down from her pussy and circling around her little bud.

"Tell me when you are going to come baby." Simon said looking at Sandra. "And I'll help you out." Sandra nodded but she wasn't quite ready yet.

Simon could feel that Laura was about to come, her pussy was tightening around his cock and she was starting to buck wildly on his cock.

"That's right baby, fuck yourself on my big cock meat, yeah come on give it to me." Simon brought his hand up and slapped her ass.  Laura came to a shuddering orgasm after orgasm and lifted her head up from Sandra's pussy to get some air.

"Time to swap round." She said turning over and laying down on her back. She told Sandra to come over and straddle her face whilst Simon was to position himself behind her. "Okay Simon." Laura said reaching up and grabbing his cock. "Push that big cock inside this dripping wet pussy while I lick around and slurp up these juices."

Simon slowly slipped the whole length deep inside Sandra and could feel Laura's tongue at the base of his shaft. He grabbed Sandra and pulled her up so that she was sitting upright on Laura's tongue, grabbed her hands and put them up and back behind his neck. Simon reached around and massaged her full ripe breasts as he pounded away inside her. Sandra was getting really horny feeling enwrapped by both of her captors, and writhed around until she could feel the familiar stirrings in her crotch.

A moan escaped her lips, which only served to give her tormentors extra enthusiasm.

"I think our little slave is on the verge." Laura said. "Let's give her a couple of minutes she'll never forget."

With that, Laura put extra impetus into her tonguing whilst Simon fucked away like a buck rabbit and pinched her nipples.

Sandra almost fainted as wave after wave of orgasms wracked through her tortured body. She didn't even feel it when Simon pulled out a few seconds before he came and rammed it hard into her ass and shot a stream of hot sticky cum deep inside her.

It was several minutes before any of them got their breath back enough to clean up and dress.

"So, may I leave now?" Sandra asked smiling.

The two (now uniformed) custom people smiled back and said that she was now free to leave as she had "Paid the duty"

Sandra spun round and walked over to the door, unlocked it, blew a kiss to both of them, and disappeared from view.

Simon walked over to a cabinet and opened the door.

"You didn't, not again?" Laura said looking over his shoulder.

"You're damn right I did." Simon said hitting the "Eject" button on the VCR.

"I guess with your photographic memory, you also have all her details in that perverted little mind of yours too huh?"

"You got it baby, name, address, telephone number - the lot." Simon said grinning from ear to ear. "One day in the near future, when things are quiet around here. You and I will surprise that little lady again."

They both walked back out into the customs hall as though nothing had happened and looked for the next victim.

"You better copy that tape for me." Laura said. "I want to add it to my collection" and she strode off down the hall dreaming of the things they would do to Sandra when they have her in their clutches once again.

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