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Her Day...


The clouds have been threating rain all day.  Looking up at the sky, TreTia sees the dark clouds start to roll in.  Rushing into the pub she just beats the starting of the rain shower.  Blinking her eyes to get accustomed to the darkness of the interior, she walks slowly to an empty table, her hips swaying like a gracefully ship upon the calm seas.

Sitting down and removing her coat, TreTia orders a glass of rose blush wine.  Smiling at the young waiter, she noticed he stared at her a bit longer than necessary.  TreTia was used to men looking at her.  With her long flowing blonde/brown hair and big sparkling hazel eyes, her face a soft round with a small nose and a smile so bright men smile just to appreciate it directed at them.

As the waiter leaves to retrieve her order, TreTia reaches down in her briefcase to get some papers she needs to read for work on Monday.  With a deep sigh she starts to read, her wine is set before her by the awestruck waiter.

TreTia reads her papers when all of the sudden she gets chill on her neck…sensing someone looking at her she discretely looks around the pub trying to see who it is….  Not seeing anyone looking at her she goes back to reading, but peeks under her lashes a bit around the room as she still has the feeling of being looked at.  TreTia feels the trickle of Goosebumps go up and down her spine…  Smiling to herself she decides to have some fun, it’s been awhile since she has been daring and flirtatious.

Reaching up she pats her hair securely making sure her hair is not mused, stretching her blouse across her breast.  Slowly her hands come down and caress her neck, rolling her head a bit.  TreTia reaches for her glass of wine and takes a sip, the liquid flows over her pink lips.  As the wineglass is lowered you can just see a hint of wine on her lips making them dewy and kissable.  TreTia darts her tongue out and traces them along her bottom lips, then peeks her tongue out to trace her top lip to get every drop of wine.

Placing her wineglass on the table TreTia moves her hand to her blue blouse, her long tapered peach colored nail skim over her blouse trailing down the center of her breast to her flat tummy.  Moving her hands over her black mini and to her thighs.  Feeling the person’s eyes on her as she moves her hand up to her hips and seductively crosses her legs letting her high heel dangle from her foot.

Reaching for her report on the table, TreTia moves her other hand to her top button, absently undoing the button slowly, skimming her hand down to the second button letting a small bit of her Red Lacy bra show and some smooth silky breast.  Fanning her blouse a bit, she reaches up and lets her hair flow down around her shoulders to fall down to her waist to lay on her lap.  Moving her hair to one side of her, leans over her rubbing her hands down her thigh to her knee down to her chins to her ankle, letting her hair flow in the background like a curtain.  Her breast peeking out of her blouse.

Looking up she locks eyes with the most fansanting pair of Green eyes she has ever seen.  Smiling she leans back up slowly never taking her eyes off of him, feeling the heat penetrate her body and flow down to the juncture of her thighs.  Feeling a slight blush to her cheeks, TreTia looks away and yet still feels the heat of his glaze

Absently TreTia grabs her briefcase and shoves her reports in to them, shaking and a bit flustered, she looks over and finds the mysterious man gone.  Shocked and a bit disappointed, she looks around the pub to see if she can spot him at the bar, or anywhere.  The room being a bit over crowded for a Friday afternoon, TreTia, stands and looks around…not seeing him, she takes a deep sigh and thinks of the lonely weekend ahead of her.  Placing her hair up on top of her hair again, she is somewhat perplexed at the sharp feeling she felt for this stranger.   Putting on her coat and laying a few pounds on the table for the wine, TreTia walks slowly to the door.  As she pauses at the door, she takes one last look around the room, but still does not see him and turns to leave.

As She steps out side, TreTia notices the sun has come out, Smiling, she stops short as that feeling of tingling started at her neck again.  Looking around the street, she sees him, leaning against a car by the curb, arms crossed, ankles crossed with a very satisfied and sexy grin on his handsome face.  Her breath is taking in like a quick thrust of a knife in her chest.  Watching him, she takes the time to roam from his oxford shoes, up his long legs, his narrow hips, to his flat stomach, then to his broad shoulders.

She looks into his eyes wanting to know the man behind them she takes his arm with her hand and locks it tightly around it they stroll off into the night to explore the desires and passions that had drawn them together for this one night.

As TreTia unlocks the door to her apartment she feels a sweet but hot sexy feeling in the bit of her stomach. Being all jittery, from knowing his eyes are upon her, it takes her a while to unlock the door. As the door opens TreTia steps inside, he follows her and as he closes the door he lean on it...  throwing her purse and briefcase on a chair, TreTia turn and stares at the man in her living room, so tall, dark, and very sensual.

Watching him take a deep breath he pushes himself from the door.  Walking closer to TreTia she can not but help noticing how panther like he moved, so sleek and tall and unyielding.   Backing up a bit watching him move closer, feeling that hot sweet feeling in her stomach again as she looks at him.

*You and I both know why I came up here with you* He says as he walks closer to TreTia.  Taking a deep breath, she whispers… *We do? *       Backing up farther, feeling the couch on her finger tips and the coffee table next to her legs, TreTia’s heart beats faster, her breath is heavier, and she can hardly think.

He nods his head and slowly undoes the buttons of his by one they pop off. Watching his fingers work TreTia gets a slow wet feeling between her thighs.  Feeling the heat rising up and knowing that will consume her soon.  Looking back up at his eyes she says in a breathless whisper....

*Your have great hands*

Smiling he nod and jerk his shirt from his waistband of his slacks. Slowly TreTia backs up farther noticing that she is now flat against the wall... the handsome man smile a slow and sexy smile. Taking one hand he place it against the wall.... Trapping her, she takes a deep breath and breathes in his scent closing her eyes TreTia feels his heat radiate through her.

As she feel his heat penetrating her body, TreTia breaths deeper and faster, her breast moving to the rhythm of the deep breaths she takes.

The handsome stranger takes a hand and slowly undo the buttons of her blouse, looking deep into her eyes as he work his magic fingers.

*These breasts have made my mouth water for the last hour* he says, as he undoes the last button.  With still one hand he opens her blouse to expose her lacy red bra... her breast half spilling out of it, with his finger he traces her breast just lightly skimming over them

TreTia gasps, closing her eyes and feeling his touch all the way down to her stomach and pool to her thighs.

He leans close and traces his tongue where his fingers were. Licking and kissing her breast.... Noticing that the bra has a front clasp, and with the dexterity of a man whom needs something fast he undoes the clasp letting her full breast spill out into his hands. As he feels her breast and weights them, he leans forward and trace her lips with his tongue, dancing around her mouth, till she groans and grabs him tight and kiss him hungrily. He crushes her to his chest and kisses her deep.

Grabbing her ass with his hands he pulls TreTia high unto his arms leans her against the wall... with his chest holding her in place and kissing her deep, he reaches down and undos his pants and his slacks fall to the floor. He kicks them away and reaches under TreTia’s black skirt for the hidden treasure he knows he will find there.  He moans as he notices that she am not wearing any undergarments ... moving his lips to her neck he slip a finger between her moist hot lips, and rubs her clit... MOANING TreTia throws her head back holding on to his shoulders, TreTia raises herself farther.  Finding the deep treasure he has been seeking he slips one finger inside of her shoving it hard and fast as she moans and wiggles in his arms. Using his thumb, he rubs her clit as he slips other finger deep inside of her wiggling and feeling the heat TreTia takes a deep breath and Moans so loud, feeling the tightness of her body as she cums all over his fingers feeling her body convulse and twitch as his fingers still work there magic...

Chuckling he lets TreTia down so her feet touch the floor.... Kissing his way down her stomach, he reaches behind her and unzip her skirt letting it fall to the floor, he kisses around her hips to her tummy to her belly button... snaking his tounge to learn every part of her body... hes reaches her thighs and kiss up them to the wetness he knows is there and lick her sweet lips and the juices that are flowing. Lifting one of her legs up he drives his tongue deep into her wetness MOANING she hold his head with her hands running her fingers through his hair...he laps at her clit tickling it with his tongue... feeling the heat rise again, she feels her body release the juices that he so eagerly awaits for…

Feeling so weak TreTia tries and moves down the wall.  Chuckling he moves her back up holding her.... He kiss is way up her tummy and then to her breast.  Kissing her neck and then her lips.  He grabs her waist and slides her up farther on the wall reaching under her thighs to hold her ass with his hands. Tasting herself on his lips she moans deep and kisses him hard.... As she kisses him, she feels his hard shaft at the opening of her desire, letting her slid down the wall he penetrates her deep and fast. Gasping she holds on to him as he move her up and down the wall with her legs across his arms and spread wide for his entrance...

Feeling him deep and warm the fire builds fast... moaning kiss his neck and trailing a tounge trail to his ear...breathing hot in his ear he moves faster... feeling his body tighten, he moans as his breathing gets more rapid and hard.  Her body is moist and fluid, feeling all hot and sweet wrapped around his cock buried so deep inside her sweet body.

With a final thrust he whips back his head and moans deep, shouting out a feeling of need and passion. Feeling him spill over the edge triggers her release as she Moans deep and loud.... Feeling their bodies spasm hard as they both cum together as two people should, the world spins around in there minds, the feeling of togetherness and wonder keeps them suspended for just long enough to believe in love and rapture.

Exsausted and sated he lets her slip down the wall. Holding her close he kisses her rubbing her back and still moaning in her ear.... TreTia sighs deep into his chest.  He leans down and whispers...

Happy Anniversary Darling.... I hope I full filled your fantasy with the utmost thoroughness.

Looking up into the eyes of the man she have loved for 5 years. She smiles and whisper *No body could of done it better darling*

Writen for Love  by SWF  6/5/00

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