The Great Dying
The following article was posted in the Daily Mail newspaper Feb. 2001, I have given you the highlights below and there is a link at the bottom for the full transcript.

250 million years ago a seven-mile wide asteroid smashes into Earth's surface.

Impact releases energy a million times greater than the largest earthquake recorded in the last century.

Earth's crust is shattered, creating violent volcanic upheaval. Huge clouds of ash and carbon dioxide pumped into atmosphere. More than one million cubic miles of lava burst from fissured ground.

Oxygen levels on land and sea are radically changed. Years of darkness cause food chain to collapse. Up to 90% of land animals and over 95% of sea creatures become extinct.

Some reptiles, including the archosaurs, manage to cling to life in a hostile environment. With no larger predators left and room to spread, they evolve into dinosaurs and begin a 180 million year reign.

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