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The Match...

Old Trafford, home of the world famous Manchester United Football Club.  The crowds of spectators and avid supporters queued at the stadium gates to see yet another game, another challenge between the home team and their rival Liverpool.

Katrina watched the crowds gather from a distance that gave her full view of what was happening.  Today, a stand-point on the terraces to watch a football match was not on her mind.  It was something and someone else instead.  She looked at her watch and noticed it was close to kick-off as the crowds dwindled through the gates.  She became impatient, lighting up another cigarette and wondered if the day was going to happen the way she had planned it.

It was a cold afternoon and her clothes beneath the black leather knee length coat  would have best suited a hot summers day.  Her blonde hair neatly styled in loose curls, reflected her sexual mood.  She wanted to be like those women who stood on the city street corners touting for business, just this once.  Another glance at her watch made her feel less confident that things were going as arranged.  The crowd dwindled further as they settled into the stadium for the challenge they had expected to see.  The cold was now biting at her exposed skin underneath the coat, making her grip herself to keep some warmth in her body.  The silky nylon stockings providing the only warmth close to her skin.

The waiting ended.  A smile spread across her painted lips as the sports car pulled up beside her.  Darren rolled down the window and smiled.  “Hi.  Sorry I’m late.”
 “That doesn’t matter.  Let’s get on with it.”  She replied.  He let her join him. A simple greetings kiss and a glance that said everything about what was on her mind was all she gave.  “You ready for this?” she asked.
 “Been thinking about nothing else.” he replied.
 “Good.” She told him, licking her lips provocatively. She was hot for him and he feeling equally the same.  They knew each other, but this was something that they had agreed to do.  A one off experiment to keep their two year affair vibrant.

They found a parking space and strolled toward the stadium, her arm in his, to the turnstile gate, and using their season tickets they entered.  The crowd chanted and roared as the game commenced at the sound of the referees whistle.  Liverpool kicked off.  Katrina knew exactly where she wanted to stand on the terraces and pointed to a space right at the very top of the stand.  Darren looked over the crowd and saw a corner that was unoccupied.  She whispered something mischievously in his ear and excitedly they headed up the steps to take up their place.

The spectators were in front of them, with their eyes and minds firmly on the match. No one realised that they were there, unless someone needed to look back, which was so unlikely.  The match was so important at that stage of the season.  To the two lovers, it was their fantasy playground.  The ideal place to role-play their mutual desires.  They were both hesitant at first as they looked at the crowds of people in the stadium.

Darren stood behind her with his towering height over hers.  He put his arms around her waist to offer warmth as she leaned back closely into him, and for a while they watched the game.
 “Well, here we are.” He whispered in her ear.  She turned her head towards him and they both smiled. Not one gaze headed back in their direction.  Slowly, Darren moved his hand around to her back, run his fingers over the line of her seat through the coat until he reached the hem.  “Shall I begin?” he whispered.  Her reply was given by that sensual smile that she always used to signify that she was ready for him.

She could feel his delicate fingers against the back of her thigh as they moved upward, beneath her short dress and onto her uncovered buttocks.  She gave a sigh as he felt the smooth texture of her skin on his fingertips with each stroke making him harder.  His breathing laboured as he whispered in her ear once more how much he wanted her.  The soft tone of his suggestions made her feel more and more moist.

Katrina reached behind her and felt his hardness through the groin of his thick leather trousers.  Her fingers found the zipper and gently she ran it down, opening it wide enough for her tiny hand to slip inside.  Darren could feel her fingers grasping for his cock, taking hold of it, feeling its moist tip with her fingertips.  He moved his fingers simultaneously into the crease of her buttocks as she opened her legs slightly more to allow him access.  He could feel the warmth and dankness of her outer lips and he stroked them gently, prising them apart amidst a slick of sticky juices upon them.  His imagination ran wild as he thought about the taste they had.  His fingers becoming more and more saturated with each delicate massage.  She licked her lips in response and moved her fingers around his girth, pulling his foreskin up and down deliberately.  This was how they both wanted it to be.  An exercise of their conjoint imaginations, played out into a fantasy on the crowded terraces of a football stadium.  To both bring themselves to an orgasm in public which was daring enough.

Louise turned around and noticed the two lovers behind her.  Darren was kissing Katrina’s neck passionately and she was enjoying every moment of his affections. This, Louise soon realised, was something more interesting than the game. After a few more moments of watching, she turned to Simon, her boyfriend who stood beside her concentrating on the match and whispered into his ear of what she had discovered.  He raised a smile that matched her own and glanced behind him to see the lovers engrossed in their own particular venture.

Louise whispered again into Simon’s ear, making a suggestion that matched their own wildest imaginings.  It seemed that the lovers were not the only ones with such ventures on their minds.  But perhaps theirs was a little different in the way they saw things.

Darren’s fingers slipped further still into Katrina, feeling her lubricated pussy opening up for him, yielding to his exploration as he finds the capacious nub of her clitoris within the folds of her inner lips.  She gave an even deeper sigh and caressed his face as the orgasmic feelings charged through her sensorium.  His cock now pulsed in cadence with his rapidly beating heart.  He could feel himself welling up towards an explosive climax.

Louise turned and walked up to the lovers.  She was pulled toward them through her own uncontrolled  desires to watch them closer.  Simon followed her behind and they both watched on.  Katrina opened her eyes and saw them.  Louise smiled at her and Katrina returned the glance likewise.  Darren looked at them both, on the pinnacle of his climactic release, he remained in a state of ecstasy.  Louise moved even closer and stood beside Darren.  Their eyes met in a stare that naturally transmitted their thoughts and intense feelings.  He held back and released his fingers from Katrina gently as she in turn let go of his cock, pulling it free through the fly of his trousers.

Louise took Darren’s hand and moved it up to her lips.  The scent of Katrina’s juices made her heady and she licked his fingers, savouring their content.  Simon stood and watched on unmoved.  Katrina looked at him, beckoning him toward her with her hypnotic eyes, to which he slowly and cautiously responded, whilst Darren led Louise to his pulsing cock with his hand, compelling her onto her knees between himself and his lover.  She watched as his wet fingers stroked the head.  Then he placed his hand on her head, amassed with tight auburn curls, bringing her lips in contact with him.  Without restraint she proceeded to take him, using her mouth and hand to assist in her intentions.

Katrina and Simon looked each other in the eyes.  Again, that stare transmitting what was on their minds without exchanging words, gave way to what was intended.
Simon opened her coat, button after button.  He looked at her well rounded breasts just about covered by the short blue dress she wore.  This made him even harder as he unzipped his jeans, releasing his long cock to her gaze.  Katrina liked what she saw.  It was something she had only dreamed about.  The size of his cock made her hold it in her hand, admiring its pink tight head, pulling back the foreskin along its veined length.  Darren looked at his accepted rival and grimaced as Louise brought him to his climax.  Her lips and hand still pumping for more of his thick white cum as it trickled from each corner of her thin lips.  He tasted good, but there was too much to swallow.

Louise stood up and kissed Darren on his lips, exchanging his cum from her mouth to his.  He was not disfavoured to the taste of his own spunk, especially when it was combined with the saliva of a woman who had just blown him.  Katrina leaned against him and nuzzled into his neck.  His arm reached around her, to hold her as Louise continued the long passionate kiss.  This allowed Simon to lift Katrina’s legs and permit her to hold on to him by the grip of her thighs.  He then slipped his cock gently into her, passing her wet lips and on, deep inside of her welcoming vagina.  Louise moved her lips to Katrina’s and they both kissed passionately.

With vigour, Simon held onto Katrina’s legs and pounded his long cock into her.  His excitement compelled him to carry on no matter what happened around them or where they were.  Katrina’s eyes began to role wildly with every thrust he gave to her, as Louise reached for Katrina’s breasts, prising them from the top of the dress and squeezing upon her nipples, each in turn.  For Katrina, the fantasy not only became real, but more exotic than she imagined.

Darren moved his hand onto Louise’s tight denim jeans.  He unfastened the stud and quickly took down the zipper so that he could get his hand inside and feel the warmth and wetness of her panties.  His fingers delved gently beyond the material, feeling her lips oozing with sweet cum from her previous involuntary orgasm.  Her eyes begged him to go further and he found her clitoris waiting and wanting his attention.  Her fingers still pulling on the extended nubs of Katrina’s breasts watching her reach her intense orgasm as Simon continued to thrust into her as deep as he could for maximum pleasure.

Katrina bit her lip, riding her orgasm at the same time as Louise reached hers.  Simon had more to give and with one hand he reached up to her breast and gently took it in his hand, squeezing it until he felt himself cum.  Katrina felt each wave of his hot spunk hit home deep inside.  Darren looked into Louise’s eyes once more their lips met in another passionate kiss as his fingers became drenched with her warm release.

The crowd suddenly burst into excited cheer as one of the players scored a rebounded corner kick into the back of the net.  As the cheers continued, the two couples resorted themselves, having completed their goal for the afternoon.  Darren and Katrina watched on as Louise and Simon returned themselves back to the crowd.  They looked at each other and smiled.  Etched firmly in their minds, was the unforgettable events of that day.  Neither expected to be involved in a foursome rendezvous.  It simply just happened in the most unlikeliest of places at the back of a football terrace in the presence of over thirty thousand people.

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