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Many thanks to my friend Tony for allowing me to publish his artwork here on my site. Browse through each of the galleries, and as a special treat... not only have I have made the thumbnails 50% larger than usual, but I have also created a duplicate set in 'Black & White' as I know this is one of his passions.

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Hi,  I’m Tony Mason.

I was once a professional photographer now an architect. My passion was always photography and from an early age I was taking photographs of the cityscapes and points of interest in my home town of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

At the age of 17 I became an assistant to a freelance surveyor and used my hobby as a new career in photography.  I soon moved from taking photographs of houses to those of people and began to investigate the art of “social photography” just capturing people wherever they happened to be and whatever they happened to be doing.

I suppose in a way my major subject must be architecture, because photography only came second to that regarding earning anything from something at all.  I left college at 22 as a fully fledged architectural engineer and went straight into the adult entertainment industry after moving to Holland in 1989.  There I learned something about the “art” of pornography.   Maybe not a popular art subject in the art world, but one that commands its own brand of respect.

I discovered, to understand it as I did, one had to marry into it.  My wife was an actress and on occasions I worked along side her.  What most people don’t see is the technical aspects of creating good pornography which involves photography quite a great deal.  Video obviously today makes it so easy to mass produce that type of art work.

Holland is so free with porn and like the rest of the porn producing countries of the world it became an international affair, a lucrative business just like running a factory, if you were good at it, both in its production and being part of its product.  However, the photography was slowly being isolated.  Nobody needed film or photographs in the industry by the 1990’s and so once more good erotic art photography became just a modern canvass-type expressionism quite often ignored.