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Transit... page two

Maria wanted their relationship to work.  She now knew that Paul was the man for her.  He was kind and gentle, handsome and so intelligent.  Together they made just the right music.  But she worried about him and the arrangement they had made.
She sipped her breakfast cup of coffee long after he had gone that morning.  Maria would have the day to herself and do as she pleased.  It never struck her that he could be waiting for her somewhere, lurking and waiting to pounce.  Paul was agile and could do anything he wanted once he put his mind to it.

From the roof of the apartment block he looked out across the cityscape and towards the river that split the metropolis in two.  His arms folded in deep thought he suddenly realised something; Maria was baiting herself for the transit rapists, it had to be that.  And that thought made him angry to think that they would allow her to do this and put her life in so much danger.
He was going to break in while she showered, and so carry out the deal they had made. Not anymore.  Paul raced down the stairs in haste towards her apartment.  Once there, he stood at the door and waited a while catching his breath before ringing the doorbell repeatedly.

Maria stood before him in her nightdress.  "Paul?  What are you doing?"  He stared at her saying nothing.  His eyes seem to cut straight into her like those of a wild man.  But then she realised what he was doing and instantly saw the funny side to it.  "Paul, it's too soon." she laughed.  "And you are supposed to break in if this is how you planned it."
Paul's mind was running amok.  Why not do it now?  Look at her, he thought.  She wasn't accepting it.  Do victims readily accept it?  No.  He was not there now to carry out their plan, but he was there to confront her about why she wanted it this way.  His mind was mixed up and confused.  God she looked so gorgeous.  Why not rape her?  Take her by force while she was vulnerable.

Suddenly he pushed her inside and closed the door behind them.  "Paul! No, wait a minute."  There was no waiting now, no talking it through.  This was what she asked for and why not him as much as someone else who would take these liberties?  His mind was flooded with questions he could not answer for himself.  He pushed her again, harder this time until she fell backwards over the couch.  With one pull he ripped the nightdress from her completely.  "Paul please…wait.  I don't think this…"

Maria was naked and holding out her arms in defence. She pleaded with him to stop, but Paul grabbed her and turned her so that he had her hair wrapped in his hand.  Each time she struggled to break free he pulled painfully tighter. "Is this what you wanted?!  Is it? Is it?" he yelled, pulling her head back.

"No, wait......please, Paul."  Tears began to well in her eyes with the torture he was giving her.  Paul ran his hand over her buttocks, slipping his finger into her sex and feeling her open wetness. He freed himself and slid his hard cock into her with force.  She had never felt him that way before, or could even dream that he would be so rough.

"Take it you bitch!"  Each thrust was given with violation, as he repeated his words over and over.  Maria began to resign to it after a while.  She did ask for this to happen and in a way it was her doing.  She wanted to feel what it was like to be raped in the most brutal way possible and now she knew.

After she felt him cum inside of her, Paul realised what he had done.  A wave of regret swept over him as he stepped back and fell to his knees crying.  For Maria it was over and she cried too with both relief and guilt.

After a while, she sat up and took him in her arms to console him.  "It's alright...I understand....don't feel bad......don't feel bad.."

Paul sat and sipped his brandy, still feeling bad inside.  Maria sat crouched in the chair reliving the feelings of that morning.  "I thought it would be fun." he said.  "I was wrong."

"There is no fun in that kind of thing.  You did what I wanted." she told him.

"How can you let yourself do this?"

"It is something I need to do.  It's the kind of person I am.  It's like revenge for all those women who have been raped in this city."

He explained to her the emotions that struck him on the roof that morning. How he snapped into a mad confused rage that made it all possible.  "If anyone was going to have you it had to be me."

Maria looked at him and somehow she deciphered what he had told her and understood him clearly.  He was fighting for what he knew was his to take and nobody elses had that right.  "Paul.....I love you."

Ellen sat on the stool and replayed the camera back to herself.  Her legs wide, allowing Trent to gaze up her skirt at the pantiless vision before him as he knealt before her.

She swept back her blonde hair laughing at the replay and then looked at him.  "This is so fucking good." she said.

"The best so far. Lots of emotional stress." Trent replied.

"Pity we can't go further.  I love snuff."

"No way.  This is not our way.  We must respect life."

"Who says?  We could do anything we wanted."

The tall figure of Garth walked into the room.  He had over heard the conversation and made it clear that he was in charge by grabbing Trent by his pony tail and holding a knife to his throat.  "Go ahead.  Tape this!"

"No!" Trent was instantly racked with fear.

Ellen sat and took it in her stride calmly, grinning back at Garth.  "Go on!  See if I care."

"Ellen you fuck!" Trent cried out. Garth drew the blade closer still to his skin, nicking it so that it bled from a small scratch.

"Oh Shit! please Garth....fuck don't do this!"

"No more talk of murder, is that clear?  Both of you?" Garth spit out his wish.  "We do this for money and in your case bitch......pleasure."

Ellen was cruel in her mind.  She was nothing else but evil in her deepest of imaginations.  She had a sinister beauty about her that could draw men and women into her clutches, and the end result would be nothing short of pain and suffering for her victims.

Trent was a wimp.  If things got too hot he was a natural runner.  Without Garth and Ellen he was useless to the cause they had.

Garth however was the leader.  He was motivated only by money, for which he would do anything. And he was faithful to whoever paid him handsomely. He tucked the knife back into his boot and threw Trent to the floor.  "Remember who runs this thing. Don't fuck it up."

Ellen stared at her leader with light blue piercing eyes, still bearing a grin on her lips, whilst Trent lay holding his throat with both hands stemming the bleeding that was only superficial.  "So when does all this pay off?" she asked.

"Soon.  I told you before about the deal we have.  You have to trust me, even though I know you don't."

"It's taking too long." she replied.  "I need my rewards."

"You will be justly rewarded my pretty angel."  Garth told her smiling.

"I'm fucking bleeding to death!  Someone help me here!" Trent cried out in self sympathy.

Marky Dayton had a visitor at his house.  Detective Liam Banners stood tall above the two other plain clothes police officers in his company.  Dayton, was now becoming familiiar with Banners regular visits.  The four of then were by the pool with Banner close up to his host, who lay taking in the sun on a lounger.  Banner spoke in almost whispers.

"You intend to stop this thing don't you?" Banner asked.

"I don't know what the fuck you are talking about."

"I think you do.  I heard whispers. I could make things uncomfortable for you.  You can't get away with this stupid game.  You know the score."

"Banner, I have had enough.  You guys are not getting anymore out of me." he sat up and almost nose to nose spoke back to Banner. "You promised after I paid you fifty grand that these rapes would stop.  I can't trust you anymore."

"We are trying.  You know how it is.  It's a busy city.  Another fifty and maybe we could try harder."

"Fuck you Banner!  I know your game."

"You have no evidence.  Like I said, I can turn it against you anytime I want." Banner smiled.  "Come on Marky, lets face it, you are finished."

"Bullshit!  I don't go down that easy."

Banner's two companions could only hear faint whispers but they were deeply involved with Banner's scheming plans.  He called them over.  "OK, show our friend Mr. Dayton what we can do."  Both of them took Dayton, one on each arm and hoisted him from the lounger to his feet.  He tried to struggle free but he was instantly tossed into the pool head first.

"You won't get away with this you fuck!" Dayton surfaced screaming at them.  Banner held a hand gun at the personal bodyguard who was stopped in his tracks running from the house to help his employer.  All three laughed to themselves feeling toughly proud at what they had done to the self made millionaire.

"Fifty grand by this time tomorrow Marky.  Don't forget our arrangements."

Maria searched the heavily populated western suburbs all day until she found who she we was looking for.  Cathy Tenaway's house stood in the centre of a run down projects estate.  It was hard to imagine the amount of poverty that existed among the unemployed citizens until it hit you in the face.  Burnt out abandoned vehicles stolen by oportunist joy riders and car thieves and uncollected rubbish dumped on vacant plots between the prefabricated houses.  Prostitution was a means of existence for some of the young women and it went unchecked by the authorities.  She was taken aback by the number of school age teenagers that stood around waiting for business outside the general stores.

Cathy however was not of that calibre.  She lived with her mother and by day she studied at the community college to further her education.

When Maria caught up with her in the avenues, Cathy did her best to avoid her but Maria was persuasive.  "Cathy I need to speak to you."

"Look I'm too busy for this.  It's all over with now." Cathy tried to dismiss her, dashing back towards her house.  Maria followed her up to the front porch and with respect, Cathy could not turn her away.  "Ok, you better come inside."

Once inside, Maria realised how some of these people struggled to build a haven of comfort from what went on around them outside.  Maria was familiar with the style of houses herself, being raised as a girl in a similar zone of the city, but not as poor as the one she found herself.

It was difficult breaking Cathy into revealing why she would not identify her rapists. Then Maria explained her plan to capture them herself.  "Are you insane?" Cathy asked.

"Maybe I am.  But we have to stop them."

Cathy produced a photograph of her nephew playing in the street.  The very same photograph the rapists gave to her the night she became their victim.  "They will hurt him if I say anything."  She went on to explain the photograph and recalled everything that happened.

"You mean to say, they knew who you were?"

"They must have."

At that moment Maria discovered that the Transit Rapes were not random but planned.  Marky Dayton was right afterall, these sex crimes were kept going through elements of fear.  "So unless they mark you out, you wont be a victim?"

That would now make it impossible for her to bait herself.  But dayton said he wanted her to do it that way.  Dayton must have arranged something involving her if she was to become a victim.  She thanked Cathy for her help and called a cab that would take her to visit Marky Dayton urgently.

"I know you have set me up." Maria snapped.  Dayton lit his cuban cigar and disposed of the match by flicking it into an ashtray expertly aimed.  "Someone is watching me right now, day and night."

"So what?"

"You could stop this thing without involving me.  Why?"

"Take it easy.  It's complicated." Dayton replied.

"I want an explanation Marky?"

"In a way you deserve one.  Right from the start I told Vernon this was a crazy idea."


"You are too clever by far Maria. He must think you are some kind of dumb blonde journalist.  Of course, I knew there would be the possibility that you would find out certain things.  I think Vernon is so desperate at the moment he will try anything to save his precious newspaper.  A story like this could be just the thing he needs to gain the confidence of his sponsors and shareholders."

Maria could not believe what he had told her.  She flopped down into a chair and run it over and over in her mind.  Vernon had planned everything, but how much was he involved with the whole thing.  "This whole thing is a role-play to save a newspaper?" she asked.

"Not all of it.  Like I said it is complicated.  Now this part of it atleast isn't going to work at all.  I don't think someone as smart as you is going to keep stum over this."

"What do you mean?"

"You could ruin everything for me and Vernon.  So, it's time I think for my contingency plan.  I'm sorry Maria."

Quickly a hand enclosed her mouth from behind the chair and the heavy aroma of ether filled her respiratory system.  She began to struggle, watching Marky Dayton's image before her get more and more blurred as she became weaker and weaker.  Sleep soon took over her body and mind.
She opened her eyes and saw the cracks in the ceiling directly above her.  There was pain in her wrists and ankles and she realised that she was lying face up, tied down to a soft mattress beneath her.  Her sight cleared and there was still the stench of ether present around her nose and lips.  Her tongue was dry and swollen and she looked around the place she was in.  An empty windowless room with a single naked light bulb standing on a brass lamp stand in the corner near the closed door.

Maria tried to speak, but her throat was dry too.  She pulled against the soft cotton bindings around her wrists but they were tight and allowed no movement.  She looked down and noticed that she was naked, atleast toppless as she felt the presence of her panties around her waist and crotch.  Fear took over her curiosity instantly.  She wanted to scream and cry out, but she was aware of her dangerous situation.  It may only make things worst for her if she did.

She told herself to stay calm and realised that she needed a drink and worst of all, she needed to pee.  The door opened and a strange girl entered the room.  Ellen was strange atleast to Maria as they had never met before in there lives.  "Where am I?"

Ellen leaned on the brass bed frame and grinned at her captive guest. "In good company.  I don't even know your name, but I am told you are important.  I have to look after you."

"Ok, in that case can you untie me?" Maria asked.

"No.  If I did that, then you might escape."

"Then can I have a drink of water atleast?"

Ellen stood by the side of her captive and stroked her hair with a slender hand tipped with long silver painted finger nails.  Maria noticed that Ellen was strangely dressed.  A tight black leather dress that held her breasts in with a squeeze, perm waved blonde hair that cascaded over her shoulders and the silver eye shadow and lipstick she was made up with.
The way Ellen touched her hair and run a gentle finger over her face had a hint of cruel affection.  She knew that whoever this girl was, she was not going to be easy to deal with.

"Water?  I don't have any water.  What are we going to do?"

"I need a drink, surely you could understand that." Maria pleaded.  "Can you get me a drink?" There was assertion in her voice.

Ellen looked around the room and then looked back at Maria. "Let me think about this for a while..."

"What is there to think about?  I need to drink."  She also now realised that Ellen was either dumb or acted it.  More acting it seemed, as she was obviously bent on being outright cruel.  "You are going to make me wait then?"


"Do you know why I am here?"

"Yes.  You have been very naughty and you have to be punished."

"Who told you that?  What is your name?"

Ellen slowly touched Maria's nipple and watched it react.  She grinned with that evil smirk she had, running her sharp nail around the areola tantalisingly.  "Oh look.  Am I making you horny?"

"Not in the least." Maria replied.  It was the fear that produced the reaction more than the erotic implication.  "Can we discuss that drink?  And you still have not told me your name."

"Do you shave or trim?  Let me have a look." Ellen run her finger over Maria's navel. She gulped, her throat was stinging with the dryness left by the ether, and then she felt Ellen pulling down her panties.  "Oh yes, how nice.  I see you trim your pussy.  So neat and tidy."

"I do my best."  Maria felt a sharpness between her outer lips as Ellen pushed into her roughly.  "That hurts."

"Oh I'm sorry.  I was checking to see if you were wet."

"And if I was?"

"Hmmm...maybe we could play."

"Maybe we could.  But I need that drink first."

Ellen thought, running the back of her fingers slowly up Maria's navel once more.  Then she stopped and dashed to the door, leaving Maria alone in the room.  She gave a sigh of relief for that one moment in hope that a drink would be on its way very shortly.  But it did nothing to relieve the tightness she felt in her bladder that was getting increasingly painful.

Dayton stepped out of his limo on the waste ground and strode towards the car parked infront.  He placed the briefase on the bonnet and waited, looking at Banner through the windscreen.  "Are you coming out to collect this money or what?"  Banner, after a few seconds got out of his car, turned the briefase towards him.  "What's up?  Don't you want it? Or is it perhaps you think I have dropped you in it?  Look around!"

"I don't and never will trust you Marky."

"Want to count it?"


"I thought you said you didn't trust me you stupid fuck!"

Banner grabbed the briefcase and threw it in the car before him.  "You broke the rules Marky. You shouldn't have contacted Garth."

"Well lets just say I had some extra business to put his way." Dayton replied smiling. "This business is sort of better than your deal.  And make that the last fifty grand I pay you OK."

"Don't worry Marky, one day I will have you."  Banner started the engine and sped in reverse away from Dayton, who delighted in sending abusive finger gestures.

Marky Dayton had offered Garth a better deal than Banner had originally.  Garth's respect had switched now leaving the bent detective in a sorry dilemma.  But Garth did not realise his own predicament.  Banner would now find a way to stop the rapes and have them all arrested without implicating his own involvement.  It was not going to be easy, but he was determined as any crook would be who was instantly blown out of the plan.

Dayton sat in his limo and ordered his driver to take him home.  He tapped out a number on his cell phone and waited until it was answered.  "Ay Garth, hows it going? looking after my pretty little friend down there?"

Maria watched as Ellen loosened her wrist, and then allowed her to take a sip of water from the glass, clumsily.  Ellen smiled and playfully stroked Maria's hair, expecting her to play her games as a return of favors.  But Maria had other ideas.

"Thank you.  So do I get to know who you are and where I am?" Maria asked looking around the bland room. "You know it would help if I could just sit up.  Untie the other wrist."

"I can't do that." Ellen replied.

"Why not?"

"You might escape."

"Ok.  I promise you I won't and besides, maybe I could join in better with what you have in mind."

This made Ellen excited and Maria realised that she was not the world's smartest person when it came to intellect.

"Promise?" Ellen asked.  Maria replied with a smile and a nod of her head.  "You really want to play?"

Ellen reached over and began to untie the other wrist and as she did she hitched her leg up from the floor making her dagger accessible, tucked down her knee-high boots.  Maria quickly reached for it with her free hand, tossing the glass of water.  Both wrists free she grabbed Ellen's hair tightly and held the dagger to her face.

"Don't even think about moving bitch!"  Ellen did as she was told.  She never even contemplated Maria making such a move on her.  "I want you to do everything I say…"  At that Maria instructed her to reach over and untie her ankles in turn while she held on tight to her hair, pulling now and then to show her who was in charge.

Maria knelt up and pulled Ellen towards her, holding the dagger now to her throat and tugging on hair. "Ok, we are going to get out of this room.  Who is on the other side of that door?"

"Trent is next door."

"Anyone else?"

"No, just me and Trent."

At that moment the door flew open with a bang.  Garth stood in the frame pointing a hand gun at the two women. "Drop the dagger…NOW!"  Maria was shocked, not only by the sudden bang of the door opening, but also seeing a gun pointing at her.  Her bladder released at that moment, unable to hold on much longer.

Paul tried endlessly to call Maria on his phone.  Every contact number he had was unavailable or unanswering.  It was late and the time that they had arranged to meet was now many hours past.  He began to worry.  He reversed his car out of the theatre drive and headed down the main street weaving his way around the rest of the evening traffic, near missing collisions as he drove through.
He burst into Vernon Wiles' office.  Vernon was working late to follow through a big front-page issue.  "What the hell!… who the fuck are you?  Who let you in?"

Paul leaned on the desk, and almost reaching up to Vernon spat out his words; "Maria! Where is she?"

"How the hell should I know, I'm not her keeper." Vernon replied.

"You put her on this assignment.  So where is she?"

"Tell me who you are first and I might consider talking to you."

Paul settled down and sat nervously with his head in hands.  "I'm sorry.  I worry about her.  She is missing."

"Probably working somewhere quiet, out of the way.  She does that sometimes."

"No." Paul replied.  "No, I think she is trouble."

"I wouldn't worry.  Maria will turn up when she is ready. So who are you?"

He explained to Vernon who he was.  Vernon did not realise that Maria had friends let alone a lover.  She was a private woman who only met people for business.  And from what Dayton had told him barely a hour ago, Maria had to meet with a tragic circumstance in order to get her out of the way.

"I thought you might know where she was.  I'm sorry to have troubled you."  Paul stood up and walked towards the door of the office.

"No wait.  Sit down." Vernon requested.  He was now worried about anything Maria might have told him.  Suddenly Paul was a risk to the whole plan Dayton had set up.  "Maybe I can help you.  We do things very secretly sometimes in order to safe guard scoops and things.  Maria was sent on a very urgent assignment."

"Where to?"

"I can't say, but I assure you it wasn't anything to do with what she may have told you."

Paul realised that Vernon had become very nervous and concerned as soon as he explained who he was.  "And what do you think she may have told me?"  he asked.

"The assignment she was supposed to be on."

"The Transit Rapes?"

"Yes, that's the one."

"Mr. Wiles, can you tell me something about that assignment?"
Vernon began to twitch.  "Not really.  What in particular?"

"Was she set up to catch the rapists?" Paul asked, settling back into his seat.

"I can't say.  Confidentiality and all that, you understand."

"No I don't understand.  Did you sanction her to do it the way she planned?"

"Look, she wanted it that way."

"Don't you think that was a little bit irresponsible on your behalf?"

Paul knew how to apply pressure on people when it was needed.  He found that Vernon Wiles was showing the psychological signs that he was hiding something important.  "Mr. Wiles, I don't think she is on an urgent mission.  You know where she is don't you?"

Vernon now knew that Paul was a threat.  Their plan was not as easy as it seemed. Maria's disposal was seemingly easy.  She was a woman who lived alone and led a private life apart from her work. Vernon was to be the concerned and caring employer who would take care of things.  Paul grew more and more angry whilst he sat observing Vernon's anxious reactions.

Paul reached across the desk quickly, grabbing Vernon's shirt in both hands.  His weight was no problem to him as he focused all of his energy on physically extracting the information he wanted.  Vernon's meek nature made it easy for Paul to intimidate him.  "Where is she!?"

Maria felt the wrenching pain in her arms as she was suspended from the rope.  Both wrists tied together above her head, hanging, her feet only inches above the floor beneath her.

Garth put his finger on her shoulder blade and set her swinging, which made the pain increase even more.  Ellen sat in a chair watching from across the room smirking.  "Try to escape and you make things harder for yourself."  Garth whispered into Maria's ear.  Tears streamed down her face as she tried to fight off the pain and fear within her.  He walked around her tortured naked body and then stepped back.  "Mmmm…what a nice body.  Very sexy.  I see you look after yourself.  I like that, don't you Ellen?"

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