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XtsChat Access:

To Enter XtsChat in Java... CLICK HERE.

Java ( Broswers )

Ports: 6667, 6669

To change your nickname, type /nick newnick. ie... /nick Rumples

To find someone who is currently on line in Chat, type in /whois nick (There nick name). Info about the nick and what channels he/she is on will be displayed to you..

To msg a friend currently on line: /msg nick your message

To open a private window to a friend, double click there nick in the nick list, or type: /query nick - BUT... Always ask their permission in the main window FIRST !

To obtain the latest version of mIRC from a friends site, See below...

To Download SilverX mIRC Version 3.0aop... CLICK HERE.

WARNING... unzip to C:\ Not to C:\unziped\silverx30a

Midas & Sienna on online most evenings (UK time)... come and chat

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