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Transit... page one

The city sprawled out both sides of the river like a concrete jungle, with its skyscrapers, rising like fingers into the air.  The vista provided a picturesque scene through the wide windows of Maria Kellys' apartment. To Maria it was the start of another day as a successful journalist working for the City Times. She felt good about her mission in life at present. She was full of confidence for what the job demanded so far and she felt good about herself because that morning the feelings of the night were still buzzing through her sensorium.

The city looked good, she thought as she sipped on her fresh cup of coffee.  Then the hands of Paul Davies settled upon her hips from behind.  She could feel his breath on her neck as he kissed her, parting her blonde hair to one side.

"I think I'm falling in love with you." he whispered gently.  She closed her eyes, snuggled her back into him, feeling his presence.

"I wish it was still Sunday.  Then I could have you all day." she replied.

"Then call in sick. Tell them you have suddenly come down with this paralyzing and mysterious illness and you have to stay in bed all day."

Maria groaned her response. "I wish."  She took his hand and placed it upon her breast and Paul returned a gentle squeeze, feeling the stiffness of her nipple beneath the white lace nightdress.

"I loved it the way you fucked me last night."

"I don't do that for every woman I meet."

 " I should count myself lucky?"

 "No. I'm the lucky one."

 She turned to look up into his brown eyes.  Slowly they embraced in a passionate kiss. "Share a shower with me." she asked, parting their kiss for a moment as she ran her slender fingers gently over his slightly stubbled face. "Let us see what might transpire." The thought made Paul get even harder than he already was coupled with the sweet aroma of sex that was still upon her body.  The things he wanted to do to her again and the things he never had chance to do came streaming into his mind.  She broke the kiss once more, placing her fingers over his lips. "You really do want me don't you?" she asked.

"Want isn't a strong enough word to describe how I feel at the moment."

 Most people moved around the city by cab or public transport these days.  The traffic was so busy and the city still poor to be able to provide adequate transport ordinances.  Maria was fortunate to be able to hold an account with a cab company. The trains and busses were all too crowded at the best of times. Quite often they were the venue of some of the most horrific sex crimes even in broad daylight. The cab dropped her off outside the main forecourt to the press office housed in one of the thirty storey buildings of the Main Street.  She hated that elevator ride to the fifteenth floor, even though the workers and visitors in the building seemed harmless enough, there was always the chance of being a victim of transit rape, the newest and now highest crime in the city.

"Know what.  I blame the Japanese." Vernon Wiles remarked, throwing the morning edition across his desk towards Maria. "Their obsession with schoolgirls and abusing them on public transport in Tokyo.  To top it all, they video the whole thing."

"Vernon, I think that is all staged." she replied, thumbing the pages to find the article of their conversation.

"Look...I don't think so.  You ever seen one of those videos?  The look of sheer trepidation on those girls faces.  I think it's real enough."

"According to this statement, it's happening here?"

"I have seen videos on the internet.  This thing is getting big now.  Like snuff movies and gonzo.  Real life situations."

"Then surely the victims know who these people are?"

 "Well, it seems not.  Total strangers.  There even putting Marky Dayton out of popularity."

"Dayton?  Is he still going?" Maria asked with a smirk on her face.  "I used to watch his show on the adult breakfast channel before going to high school every morning."

"Ever met him?"

"No.  Not that I have wanted to either."

"Then now is your chance.  I want you to cover a story that involves good old Marky."

Maria suddenly realised that she was being roped into a task she would not relish. She neatly folded the broadsheet and laid it on the desk and then leaned forward, allowing her average cleavage to show from the open top few buttons of the blouse she wore.  Vernon liked the view.  Despite his clean-cut moral stance on sex and being the father of three teenage daughters, the site of a nice neat titty package still turned his attention, especially from the still youthful Maria. "You mean to say that you would send me out on an interview with Marky Dayton?  Vernon I can't believe you."

"Look, Maria, you are the only one I can trust with this story.  I am out to expose these perverts once and for all.  My youngest daughter relies upon traveling the busses to school every day.  It is only a matter of time before it hits on her route."

 "So what makes you think I am a specialist in these things?"

 "You are young and sexy enough to get what I need." Vernon replied, a partially evil grin growing across his lips.  "Come on.  You can do this.  Makes a change from interviewing boring movie stars and thespians alike.  You said you wanted a challenge.  Now here it is."

 Marky Dayton began his career as a tv personality many years ago.  He was notorious for hitting the streets of the city armed with a camcorder and encouraging women to strip for the camera in back allies.  A one-man bang bus team.  But his victims were willing and they gave their consent.  The footage was then shown on public access adult tv and he became very popular. The growth of the Internet meant viewing changes and his ratings began to fall.  Now he takes on the moral fight against those who commit transit rape and display their efforts on unregulated web sites. Many people like Maria thought the whole thing was a new theme in the porn industry. Marky Dayton knew something different.

 Maria was driven in style to where Marky lived on the outer areas of the city.  The newspaper took good care of its journalists, especially if they were on an important assignment.  The limo pulled up outside the millionaires' house and then left her to it.  "Just call us when you want to be collected." the chauffeur explained. She watched the car retreat down the drive and through the electronically operated security gates and wondered what was in store for her.  A man like Marky turning moral over night only meant that he could be loosing out financially.  He considered himself an artist in his own right, but one that believed in profit. The house was a spread, styled on the Spanish villa design only bigger.  Maria decided to take the backdoor entrance and found a gate leading into the rear compound and garden.  Her explorations failed when met by two Doberman pinchers racing to the gate.  She loved dogs, but not those trained as viscious guardians.  She closed the gate fast and waited, noticing the inevitable jaws barking and growling at her from the safety of the other side.  "Good doggies.  Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't feel like lunch today."

The handler, a tall beefy man walked up to restrain the dogs on a leash.  "You must be the guest? Miss Kelly?"

"Yes.  City Times." She displayed her identity tag pinned to her jacket.  "I see the guards here are both cute, angry and very keen."

"They do their job miss.  We get a lot of trespassers here."

"Well, I am just pleased to be a guest."

 Marky was busy on his telephone by the poolside.  There was a defiant and assertive side to his nature.  He owned shares in the public access tv channel he helped to run and with the recent trends away from their product, business was harder each day.  He was also brash and although his life turned good after college in the media business, there were traits still present of his rough childhood upbringing in the poorer city streets and projects. He clicked off the mobile phone, cutting someone out who he did not feel obliged to continue his conversation with.  "Fuckin' idiots!  I'm surrounded by them!"  He looked at Maria, like he would any attractive woman and scanned her from head to toe.  To him she was sex on legs in the first and then a journalist further down the line.  Maria smiled and held out her hand to greet him. Marky however did not believe in association with a woman so intimately unless it was to satisfy his basic natural needs.  The charm he used in doing what he did was trained and practiced to gain maximum advantage.

"So Vernon sent you?  I expected a guy. So how good are you at your job?"

"I do OK. Why do you ask that?" Maria inquired.  "Is it because you don't believe that women should do the things I do?"

"OK, let me put it this way.... if I told you to strip naked here and now, would you?"

"Certainly not." She stood arms crossed in defense.  "Why should I?"

"Because it's what I think you're good at."

"Typical.  I should have expected that from you.  Infact, I did expect that from you, OK?"

Marky laughed at her expense.  When he was not charming he was jokingly offensive. "Look, grab a chair and sit down.  I was only joking with you. It's the way I am." He ordered cool drinks of lemonade which Maria considered welcoming.  It was turning hot in the mid-day sunshine and she was a little over dressed to be out of air conditioning.  The pool was becoming inviting to her as time went by.  Marky explained his point of view about the matter of transit rape and as expected he seemed to be fronting a moral objection to it.

"So how do you think it should be stopped?" She asked.  "More cops, better public transport, regulated websites? How?"

"All of those things of course.  It isn't right."

"But don't you think its all staged?  I mean the victims complain but they don't point anyone out.  I personally think they are paid in advance and agree to do it."

"So you think it's staged ah?" Marky replied.

"Yes I do.  They complain because it's publicity.  We see the victim on the news and next evening everyone can pay to see it really all happen on the websites."

"Yeah OK, I get your point. But these people are not paid believe me.  They are victims of a rape virtually in public with lots of witnesses around sometimes.  Then they have to go through the humiliation of it all being re-run hours later."

"But that is it...lots of witnesses. As if people are invited to be part of it."

"You ever heard of the words fear and intimidation?"

"There's no way." Maria laughed at the thought.

"OK, ok..... I'll put my own personal safety on the line here. I know who is behind this. I know how they operate the whole thing."

"Are you suggesting organised crime rings Marky?"

"Yes I am.  I think you need to be a victim to understand this."

"So how do I become a victim?" Maria asked. "I don't use the busses or trains."

"Then make yourself a victim.  Bait yourself.  Look, I'll make an agreement with you and the cops.  You do this and I'll tell everything I know."

 Maria thought that the suggestion was crazy.  But then it did have its advantages.  She could be there when it happened of course.  It was dangerous and it would help to put an end to it one way or another.  Afterall, she remembers the story of how a snuff movie team was busted by a fellow journalist doing the same only years ago in another city.  The risk of loosing her life was much lower, but she would have to be raped in the process.  What sane woman would do that? That evening Maria thought long and hard about it.  Rape was something she feared could happen to her, unless she knew what to expect perhaps.  She thought about it, running scenarios through her mind.  Rape was a surprise attack in the first instance.  The fear could be diminished slightly by expecting it.  Now she thought about Paul Davies and maybe his help. Over the passing days, she had agreed with Vernon to come up with an exclusive within the next few weeks.  It was time to get prepared for the whole thing. After building up the courage she finally called Paul Davies from her home one evening.

"Hi Paul here..." She trusted that voice and the man it belonged to. The sound of it brought her dying to be close to him and to feel him next to her.  It had been sometime now since she had sex and the last time was with him.

"Hi, it's Maria...remember me?"

"Do I remember you?  That is an understatement if I ever heard one.  Of course I remember you babe, how can I ever forget.  You are always in my mind, I can't get you out of it."

To hear him say that made her feel good and so special.  "I hope you are not just saying that?" she replied.

"Honest to god, I have been waiting for you to call.  I need you again.  And I know that you need me just as much.  So, babe... when do we meet?"

"Well, I need your help with something."

"You know I will help you with anything....... just name whatever it is."

Maria laughed to herself at the things going through her mind.  "I want you to rape me." She heard him laugh and it was not really what she wanted to hear.  His reaction was natural from someone who thought they loved you.  Being asked something out of the ordinary was unusual.

"Babe. Did I hear you right?"

"Yes.  But it doesn't matter.  Forget what I said it was stupid.  I was being stupid."

"No.  It isn't stupid.  Listen to me........"

"Paul I was just......"

"I understand what you are saying.  You forget what I do for a living.  I am a psychologist remember and if this is one of your fantasies then maybe we should work this out"

"Actually it is more than just a fantasy......I want to be raped."  She was now struggling with the way it must have sounded to him.  What must he be thinking about her?  She risked explaining the reasons which could jeopardise everything she was planning, which in itself was still outrageous.

"And if I said that I would be willing to do this?  Maria did you understand what I just said to you?"

"Yes I did.  You would rape me?  But why?"  Her mind was now running into confusion.  His agreement to do this now seemed ridiculous to her.  Willing rape by Paul suddenly became a nasty thing to contemplate.

"Because you asked me's something you want.... right?"

"Yes of course, I'm sorry Paul.  I just thought about it another way that is all."

"It is sexual role-play you are looking for I take it?"  he asked.

"I can't explain the reasons.  I just want to know what it is like."

"Maria I understand."

Somewhere on the other side of the city, the subway station clock clicked to 12:03. Three people walked down the escalator dressed in black leather trench coats in an orderly line.  They wore shades and one was unmistakably a female with her flared bleached blonde hair.  They stood on the empty station platform and waited.  The screeching of an oncoming train could be heard inside the dark tunnel, getting louder each second as it approached. The three looked into the direction of the train as it entered the station out of the darkness.  It's carriages rumbling to a standstill and the doors slid open.  The train was virtually empty of passengers when the three stepped onto it together.  The doors closed and the train began to rattle its way out into the dark tube again.  The tallest of the three looked down into the compartment and saw four people sitting evenly spaced apart. A drunk, asleep in his stupor.  Two teenagers, both male, who got out of their seats and walked on to the next adjoining carriage.  The last one was a girl in her early twenties.

Cathy Tenaway shuddered as the three looked directly at her.  She knew there was something strange about them and maybe she should have followed the two young guys who had left in haste.  She tried not to notice that she had seen them looking at her.  Maybe they were just three harmless individuals who wanted to be noticed. One of them moved towards her.  Her heart began to race, her breasts heaved in the low cut dress she wore and she grasped her coat tightly around her.  It was time to go.  Without further hesitation, Cathy jumped to her feet and made a dash down the compartment.  Too late.  She was gained upon by one of the three who grabbed her around the waist and covered her mouth with the other free hand.

Screaming out was pointless.  The black leather glove covered her mouth tightly and fingers squeezed her nose in a way that controlled her breathing. The more she struggled then the more he would pinch.  "We are not going to hurt you."  he told her.  His voice was moderate and calm as if all of this was routine, clinical even. The other two came up close and the tall second man stood before her.  She tried to kick out at him but his grip on her legs was so powerful that the whole thing became futile.  It was obvious to Cathy that this was going to be over as soon as it began.  She was a victim of the transit rapist.  The man before her smiled at her, his face was not that of someone who could do this, she thought.  He opened up her coat and ripped at her dress from top to bottom so that it fell apart exposing her underwear.

Cathy's eyes looked to the side and she saw the girl standing on one of the seats, a mini-video cam in her hand focused on what was happening.  It was sick, but this was their style.  She had been warned that this could happen and she took no notice.  She took the chances.

They eased her down onto the floor of the compartment and the tall man moved his hands over her firm breasts before taking a knife and cutting through the material between the cups.  The lace cotton fell open exposing her nipples.  Nipples not extended through excitement, but fear.  He moved the knife down to her panty waistline and lifted the material with his finger from her skin while he sliced downwards, cutting enough to break the elastic and to produce a tear. The girl continued filming.  Continually zooming in on the action and focusing in on Cathy's face.  Hands touching nipples and the then the tuft of dark pubic hair.

"That's it baby…I need to see lots of fear in those pretty gray eyes of yours."  she commanded.  The man who held her began to laugh and released his grip on her face.

"You bastards!"  Cathy cried out.  He took her legs by the shins and lifted them towards him so that she was contorted, her ankles hovering over her head to either side.  "You won't get away with this!"

"Sorry, but I think we will somehow." the tall man replied, opening up his trousers and taking his hard long cock in his hand.
"We know who you are.  We know everything about you."

"The fuck you do" Cathy retorted. "You know nothing at all."  Quickly the girl took out a photograph from her pocket and waved it in front of Cathy's face.  The fear in her intensified instantly when she saw the image of little Michael, her nephew.
She screamed out loud, almost begging for the whole thing to end as her sex was penetrated by the man, for what seemed forever.  But the ordeal was over in a matter of minutes. They had done their deed between stations and left the train.  Every moment of the act captured for the voyeurs later on that day.

"Cathy, why can't you tell us anything?" Maria asked leaning beside the victim as she sat dazed following hours of police interviews in the rape suit of the city police headquarters.  "Did they threaten you really bad?  Cathy, you can trust me on this one. I won't say anything."

"Yes you will." Cathy turned to look at Maria in the face directly.  "You are a reporter."

"No.  I give you my word on this.  I just need to know this for my own benefit.  Trust me."

"I think you have asked enough questions already."  The burly policewoman intervened.

Maria smiled and accepted that that was all she was going to get on this occasion.  She thanked them both for their time and hugged Cathy before leaving.  "If you need to talk, then please contact me. Anytime."

The morning had turned out to be another hot sticky day as the sun began to rise higher in the sky between the tallest of the buildings, Maria left the police headquarters and made her way to the busy street where she ailed a cab.  She was now determined to get the scoop on this issue and her mind was set. Nothing would stand in her way.

"I just want to be sure that we will be the first to break this story." Vernon explained to her with passion.  "It's what we need.  I can see it now.  Across the front-page…"

"Vernon, do you realise how dangerous this is for me?" Maria interrupted him.  She stood against a filing cabinet in his office, arms folded and already looking stressed in her expression.  "Yes, I am determined and yes I will deliver this within the time I have told you.  But I need that police back-up."

"OK, I am still trying.  They are stretched right now.  I have explained to them what our plan is and I know Marky Dayton did the same…"


"But, they don't think we should be involved.  Not yet.  Besides you never told me what your plan is."

"Marky knows my plan.  He suggested most of it to me."  She found an open box of chocolates on the cabinet and decided to help herself to one of them.  "Vernon…I thought you were on a diet?"  He smiled back at her knowing full well that a diet is something he could only think about rather than carry out.

That evening at Maria's apartment, Paul was invited once again.  She had prepared dinner and made an effort for it to be as romantic as possible.  Wine, candlelight and soft music.  And as expected, Paul was happy to be in her company once again.  They had unfinished business to continue with and now something else to discuss that Maria found more important.
They sat across the table from each other and Paul noticed how she was playing with her meal more than she ate it.

"It's bothering you isn't it?  This thing of yours?" he asked. She looked at him, took hold of his hand and smiled.  "I can see where you are coming from…atleast I think I can.  More than just a fantasy." She listened to him, knowing that she could not tell him too much. "I worry about you."

"I know you do.  And…"

"No Maria.  I think a lot about you.  I will do as you ask, of course, but this is more than just role-play, more than just fun between you and I.  Why do you need the experience to be so real?  Why must it be the way you say it should be?  It's as if you are practicing something…no, no…It's as if you are expecting something."

"You agreed to help me Paul."  She touched her fingers along his face.  He was like soft cheese in her hands.  There was nothing in the world he would not do for her.

"Ok.  I will surprise you.  You will expect it to happen, but when and where you will not know.  I will do exactly as you have asked.  But right now I need you in a different way."

Their lips came together in a passionate kiss.  She had taken Paul into her bedroom and they sat holding each other for a gentle moment together.  That moment soon turned more and more excitable as they felt their emotions for each other run wild through both their sensorium.  He could almost taste her again.  She could feel him inside of her, giving her pleasure.  Without a word spoken between them, they began to peel off their clothing. Stripping before themselves, enjoying each others play as they did so. Maria lay back onto the bed as Paul moved on top of her, holding himself above her as they gazed into each other's eyes.  Gentle licks upon each other's noses and lips turning once more into impassioned kisses.  Deep and meaningful.  Already he was hard and she was wet, their desire for each other seemed to be the only thing that mattered now.  Unfinished business could continue once more from the last time.  There was so much he wanted to show her and so much she was willing to learn from him.

Paul held his manhood between two fingers allowing Maria to kiss the tip of it gently, placing one kiss after another as he stroked her hair.  She held his balls, kneading them sensitively until moving up his shaft to replace his fingers with hers in order that she could take control.  Once she had him, she began the slow decent upon him, listening to his moans as she sucked repeatedly.

"Yes…. I want you to make me cum Maria.  Just like last time."  And that she remembered still, and this time she would know what to expect.  Faster and faster, accommodating his length and girth now, she ceaselessly pumped him to an orgasm she could sense was rising to its climax.  The shudder of every muscle in his body told her it was going to happen.  And like a fountain he then began to erupt into her warm throat, discharging wave upon wave of his hot creamy spunk.  The taste was sweet and salty.  At first she thought it was nasty, but became used to it.  She devoured every drop and this time around not a drib wasted.

She looked at him and let out her tongue to meet his so that they could exchange the remains between them.  He often liked the taste of himself during lovemaking and so shared spunk-flavored kisses with her whilst his fingers pulled at her nipple, tantalizing her, making her even more wetter than she had already become.

Now that the nectar was flowing, Paul eased her back onto the bed and opened her thighs wide but comfortable.  Her lips glistened as he parted them with his fingers.  The scent of her filled his nostrils sweeter than he imagined.  Slowly he lapped his tongue around her outer lips hearing her gasp and moan, and then one by one he sucked her inner lips into his mouth, tasting her.

To Paul, Maria was the sweetest he had tasted so far. A connoisseur of many women in his life it seemed, and now he had found one that he was beginning to fall in love with.  Those smooth pink lips of hers were to him unique, not too large and not too small. The near perfection in nature of the female flower he thought to himself. His fingers parted her lips as he ran his tongue along her vagina, wide and inviting and then around her hooded clit, teasing it until she screamed out for more and more.  He slid one finger then another into her, pushing gently on her most sensitive spot until she yielded herself for him in a tiny stream of clear warm cum.

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