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Welcome to " The Shrine" of written erotica

In this section of the site, just sit back, relax and read some of the hottest stories on the internet.

Most of the material is kindly supplied by Sienna, who is a good friend of mine and will one day be a prolific writer. There are some stories by your's truly, some that are a collaboration between Sienna and myself and we also welcome guest writers to send us their work.......Enjoy

By the way... have a look at Sienna's new website Golden Star Girl UK where you will find many more links to more of her stories, pictures and her Erotic Sci-Fi group. Go on... take a peek !

Sienna - 

1. "The Match"

2. "Secret Of The Orchid"

3. "Transit"

Midas - 

1. "The Massage"

2. "Teachers Pet"

3. "Farnham Castle Tour"

Sienna & Midas Collaboration - 
(can you guess which parts Sienna wrote and which parts Midas wrote... winks)

1. "Seduction" - Part One
2. "Seduction" - Part Two
3. "Seduction" - Part Three
4. "Seduction" - Part Four
5. "Seduction" - Part Five
6. "Seduction" - Part Six
7. "Seduction" - Part Seven (The End)

Fantasy Island - A Heart Rending (Erotic) Love Story
Two long distance lovers have a once in a lifetime chance to finally meet. They have been given 3 days of ecstacy... but only 3 days.

Day One... Darren's version...

Day Two... Katrina's version...

Day Three... Darren's version - The final day

Guest Section -

SWF... 'Single White Female'..? Nah! More like 'SEXY White Female' judging by these stories... *winks*

Our first guest is a lady from the States whom we have known for some time now, and has been kind enough to allow me to publish her stories here in this section.

Please note that I have special permission to put her stories on here, so if you would like a copy - please be good enough to ask her by going to see her at XTS Chat (there is a link to this chatroom on my website)... enjoy!

1. "Her Memmories"

2. "Her Day"

3. "Her First"

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